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Cool game! Very worth playing 'till the end, and replaying it to see all the little details. The stylistic choices can make some moments feel much more personal.

This is so good, the learning curve is really satisfaying! I was able to do one pentakill, which was super dope, but I wasn't able to pull it off consistently so for the high score I just aimed at making quadruples.

I feel it'd be unfair if I rated this game, because my PC is a potato and was unable to run it at more than 1 fps lol. I guess what I can say tho is that I would recommend for the future you look into optimization to help with that, and instead of having one .zip file with the build for both macOS & windows, have them separate, so the download time isn't as long. The game does look good tho!

Thanks! You're absolutely right. I've added a little bit more info in the description.

This is so good! I really enjoyed the game, fun and chill levels + a very clean presentation. Apart from what others have commented about the player movement (which I thought was mostly fine actually, just needed a bit faster acceleration to the peak horizontal speed in my opinion), I'd say the only thing I would comment is that a few levels had a bit too much clutter to parse quickly, when I don't think it was necessary (I recommend this GDC talk about removing noise and other puzzle design tips if you're intrested in how that could be improved). Great job tho, very fun game, and an elegant execution on the idea.

Thanks. I'm not quite sure if I understood your question, but the controls are in the description of the itch page, including how to place blocks (S or Down Arrow). Is that what you wanted to know?

Cool game! Some thoughts on it:

I think the artwork for the actions looked really cool in the instructions, but in-game they were a bit too compressed/tiny to appreciate the details. I also think the visuals in general could've been improved by adding some dark and dramatic lighting (basically like the cover image, which by the way looks very good).

The concept is creative, and the implications it brings are intresting. However, I did find the timer-based gameplay a bit tedious, as it involved some waiting around with not much to do (tho I have absolutely no idea how that could've been improved lol, pretty hard problem design-wise). The sounds and music really added a lot tho, the texture and atmosphere they generate make you want to keep playing.

Great job! Cheers.

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Hi everyone! I've just updated for the first time my game Rift O'Clock, an arcade top-down shooter where the more enemies you kill, the longer you have to survive. You can play it here:

I'd really appreciate if you play it and give feedback! Been working on it for a while, mostly trying to get better at some fundamentals of game-dev (feel, balance, publishing). While not being an innovative game by any means, I think it's fun. Somewhat inspired on Vampire Survivors, even though it's a pretty different game at its core. Also, it can be finished pretty much in one sitting (though you're probably going to die, like, a bunch haha).

It's pretty intresting how many little changes can impact a game so much. (Almost) all the core mechanics have stayed the same, with only small adjustments. Polish really goes a long way, doesn't it? 

If you play it, I hope you find it fun! If not, then please leave feedback so I can improve it. Have a nice day!

He's just that good y'know, he ain't gonna grab that gun like a mere mortal having those sick skills

Thanks for the feedback, and glad you liked it 😁!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it 😁!

De nada, que bien que lo encontraste útil! Saludos desde Argentina!

Hey, nice art assets! I used some of them to make a game, Rift O'Clock, and credited you on the description. I just wanted to let you know. Cheers! 😉

Oh I didn't consider that. That's a good point!

So I first want to congratulate you! It's really cool that you could pack so many things into a game made on a week. I really liked the "glitching" effects, music, and aesthetics for the menu. The logo and menu video were really cool, were they done from scratch?

Now I will give you some of my critiques. Please don't get discouraged, I know you worked super hard on this. That's why I'm trying to be honest on my experience to give you the best feedback possible, and aid in your improvement and game-development journey! 😁

I'd say that if I had to give you a single design advice, based in playing the exploration mode and watching GoldenDonkeyProductions' gameplay video, it would be: minimize the scope, maximize the focus. What do I mean by that? Well, while it's okay to try to push yourself, you want to make your effort as efficient and impactful as possible. Personally I think that, instead of adding so many alternate realities and vehicles, that don't have that much gameplay difference between them, you should've made less but with more impact!

For example, you could've kept the basic plane, the dragon, and the futuristic one, and add different abilities for each! I'd also say that the different realities could've have better looking environments if you made the space more compact! The way that it is now, it feels a bit empty, and players probably didn't see all the cool assets. (the futuristic flying cities were super cool!) If the space was smaller rather than larger, everything would be denser, and I'd say even more fun!

The other issue that I see with the game is the performance. I want to be clear that my PC doesn't have a good graphics card, so I got a few issues because of that. My FPS was between 10-15 most of the time. The menu lagged a bit and had some stutters, tho after waiting about 3 seconds the main menu animation/video started playing correctly. I also couldn't load the survival mode, the game froze on the loading screen.

I have a few tips for remediating these kind of performance issues! First, you should try and make the game performant "as a baseline." You can do that by using many techinques, but the key is to learn to use the Unity Profiler, (maybe this video could be useful to learn a bit a about that) to know what's even causing performance issues, as well as trying to playtest on devices with low specs. (asking a friend to playtest early is really good in general, but can be specially useful for this!)

Secondly, in 3D games specifically, the graphics are usually the most taxing, so you can add settings on your menu to lower the graphical settings. The most essential, in this order, are being able to: change resolutions, exit fullscreen, change graphics levels, and disable VFX (post-processing, particles, etc.). (I think this video illustrates what I'm talking about) This will make it possible to run 3D games on almost every device, (be it without as much quality) because in case the default is not running properly, the user can lower the settings until it does.

Anyway, I think this is comment is waaay to long, but I hope is useful! (Btw, I don't know what's your native language, but mine is spanish. If your's is too, then if there's something you don't understand I have no problem in telling it to you in Español 😉)

Thanks for the feedback! Just want to be clear that the main character was not drawn by me, but a free asset that I downloaded, same with most of the SFX. You can find those details in the description of the game's page. For next jams I would recommend that you put submission questions about what parts of the game where made in the jam. (like how GMTK game jam does it) That way, the winners of each category can be determined while only including ones that actually deserve it. 😁

Thanks! I'm glad you found it to your liking! 😁

Thanks for the feedback, glad you found it fun! 😁

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I finally finished the devlog! I will be off on a trip for a couple of days, so I didn't have much time to do it, but I still think you might find it intresting: Lessons learned on making Rift O'Clock

Update: Sooo... the trip was cancelled. 😐

Welp, at least now I had time to improve the devlog. I fixed some grammar errors, added GIFs, and revamped the explanation on how the Snipers' timing calculations work. 

For those that have already read the devlog, you might want to check it out again to see the changes. For those who didn't, well, just go read it I guess lol.

Thanks for the feedback! Those bugs are pretty strange, but I have some theories of what may cause them, thanks for pointing them out! 😁

Thanks for the feedback! If your intrested I'll be releasing a devlog where I talk more in-depth about the balance! 😁

By the way, it's okay with me, (I think I have a pretty tough skin) but I would reccomend you make your feedback a bit less negative! I think other developers will really appreciate that.
Personally I would've worded your comment more like: "The game is nice, but has some balance issues. The sniper is too strong, and the dash ability is overpowered." And maybe add some suggestions to fix those issues, but most importantly I think you should end on a possitive note, I believe that way the developers will take your critiques more into account. Cheers!

Thanks everyone for playing, even if you don't leave comments/ratings, I still appreciate your time!

Btw if you wished the game was longer, try rejoicing in your victory, and you'll get a nice surprise 😉

Glad you played it and thought is was cool! If you want to know why the controls are like that, I'll be releasing a devlog addressing that 😁

Hahah yeah 😅 I might've gone a bit overboard with the sniper's mechanics. Thanks for playing, in case you're intrested I'll be releasing a devlog talking a bit more on this.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the game feel! I'll be making a devlog adressing the comments, check it out later if you're intrested.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be releasing a devlog addressing the feedback if you're intrested. (By the way, there's a way to unlock the endless mode if you found it boring after the dash, let's just say you should take your time to rejoice in your victory 😉)

Thanks for playing! I'll release a devlog adressing the feedback in case you're intrested 😉

Thanks dude! Because of your feedback, I will increase the sniper's damage by 27! That way I can make that strawberry elephant happy!

P.S.: Did you find the endless mode? 😏

Thanks for the feedback! I'll release a devlog that might intrest you if you want to know how I would've changed all of that 😁

Hahaha, I'm getting a slight impression I should've spent more time in making the tutorial XD

Yeah I agree. Thanks so much for the feedback!

While the presentation is a bit lacking, I had a good time playing this game! It's an intresting twist to the matching genre, and has a nice puzzle element. It was also really cathartic to complete. Good job! 

Thanks! Totally agree with your feedback, it seems it's unanimously agreed upon that the tutorial needs improvement XD

Haha, neat! Thanks for the feedback and nice words!

Good idea! Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Lol, yeah that frequently happened to me too. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you had fun!

Really cool, these tracks build a really clear image of how this game would look and feel to play, both in general and in each individual area. The vibe is very relaxing and eases getting into a flow state pretty well while having enough detail to have re-listenability.

Great music! I loved the way it captures the calming yet adventourous atmosphere of BOTW while blending it with the FEZ tracks, it really shows your familiarity with both soundtracks.

Hi, my game is Taking Care, where you hecticly move the little humans to avoid spreading the virus while also trying to keep them mentally sane. You must work through the CHAOS and uncertainty to progress in each level.

Fun experience! I think the camera changes should be more smooth (so that it isn't as desorienting), and the controls be more responsive (coyote time and input buffering are concepts that could improve that). The concept of uploading custom music is also very good, and the level generation and visuals fitted the track pretty well!