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Congrats :D

I don't ski. I don't even like winter sports. But for some reason this game immediately drew my attention.

I love the art style and soothing atmosphere. I also love the little touches - the tracks you leave in the snow and how you can actually see time pass by looking at the clocks.

Great work, keep it up!

Thanks so much for playing! We're really glad you liked the game. :)

Thanks so much for playing! We a had a lot of fun recording the voice lines. :)

Thanks for playing!

We thought about adding the option of a silent playthrough - where you would refuse to speak the whole time and the driver would get more and more confused. You're right, you can spam bad inputs with the current state of the game. In the future, we'll probably change this so that the only way to crash is to gain the driver's trust by guessing enough curves and then issuing a wrong one to get them off the road.

Wow this really twists you fingers! I like the concept. I wasn't sure if I didn't press some keys correctly or if they just didn't respond to my input. I really like the main menu art. It's very stylish and fits the theme.

Check out our game if you have the time. :)

5 stars for presentation. I love how the stamina bars are displayed on the character. Don't worry about the difficulty. I think it's perfectly fine to have an easy game for the sake of presentation. You can balance the final release after the jam all you want. Btw, do the enemies need one or two hits to be taken down? I couldn't make out if they had more health or if I was just missing shots.

Check out our game if you get the chance. :)

Nice relaxing game. I like how you have to aim slightly off target when the crosshair is more up/down the river. Some sort of visual indicator to help you understand where you're aiming would be welcome. Check out our game if you get the chance. :)

This is a great puzzler. Very though as well! I like that you put time into multiple levels and that you're slowly teaching the mechanics to the player. The only thing that is missing is the option to move/remove already placed disks.

Check out our game if you get the chance. :)

Thanks so much for playing!

Between you and me, there's a bug in the game. ;) Sometimes, guessing the next curve doesn't work. We need to sit down and do some debugging after the jam ends. We didn't want it to be random, we actually wanted a very precise guessing system. I guess the only reason people are playing along with it is because it suits this year's theme.

Neat idea, I was laughing the whole time. I like how the UI of the game is incorporated into the OS (Power off, restart).  I also liked the CPU and RAM meter. It think it would  have been even better with sound effects.

Check out our game if you get the chance. :)

I laughed when the controls button dissapeared. :D

I liked this. The tools at your disposal are simple, yet the randomness at the start of each level gives you enough incentive to keep playing more. My tactic was to immediately place a horizontal wall and then wait for the infection to seal it off with another vertical wall. Then continue with the masks and the social distancing. My high score is 1 fatality.

Check out our game if you get the chance. :)

This is great! Quite diffucult as well. The blobs are cute as hell. The concept is simple, yet effective. Good job.

Hey I like this! The sound effects and the little particles that come off the cube when it hits the ground are really satisfying. I could have used a charge up meter or some other visual cue to show in which direction the cube would be going. But I think you nailed the juice and that you have a real solid foundation for a great game.

Check out our game if you get the chance :)

That made me dizzy, but I like the concept. I wasn't able to figure out what my objective was. What do the buttons do?

Hello friend? Do I smell a Mr Robot reference there? :D

The visuals are beautiful. The gameplay is simple, yet effective. Don't know if it fits the theme, but I would love to see more levels.

Crazy cool concept. Insane amount of polish. I love the sound the hammer makes when it is being charged up. Also kudos for having such a simple, yet effective control scheme. One of the best games of the jam.

Ooh, it's so hard, yet to addicting. Take my votes, I want to get you up on Mark's video. :D

Ridiculously fun. Loved both the soundtrack and the presentation.

Wow, this was super good! And surprisingly tough. I like how each character has the same control scheme, but plays a different way. So many games in this jam fell into the trap of changing controls randomly just for the sake of it. I would like to see more levels with different obstacles. That way you can really start to think and develop your own strategy.

Check out game if you get the chance. :)

Timmy hits Alt F4 :D

I like the idea. I think it would have been more interesting if you let the player draw, instead of auto generating the lines. But I guess that would have been a lot more difficult to implement. I like the presentation - really fits with the theme of poor little Timmy being sh*t at drawing.

Please check out our game if you get the chance. :)

At first I thought that the environment was moving and not me. Things started getting more clear after that. The sound you play when the game gets out of control is quiete unnerving, but I guess that was the intention. Interesting idea, I'd like to see where you go with this from here.

Please take a look at our game if you get a chance.

I'm afraid I didn't figure how to play the game. I kept spawning the little robots and they kept collecting the minerals, but I'm not sure if I achieved anything. I like that it's sort of an RTS. There's not a lot of those around.

Check out our game if you get the chance. :)

Took me a while to figure out that different colored blocks had different gravities. It's a good idea, I wish I had a friend with me to play it together.

I blocked myself by accident in a couple of levels by pushing the blocks next to a wall. I don't know if this situation is something the player needs to look out for or just an edge case you didn't get a chance to polish.

Would love to see more levels. Check out our game if you have the time :)

Hey thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!

Agreed, you can definitely exploit the game once you know the gimmick. Our idea for an improvement was to add a career mode in which you would compet against virtual opponents. In this mode, we would not allow you to crash the car by giving wrong commands. Giving wrong commands would only impact your time in the race. The only way to crash would be to go the opposite direction - gain the driver's trust by giving enough good commands and then issuing one bad command to send them off the road. This way the crash can only be earned by playing meticulously.

I liked the concept, but it needs a bit more work. The biggest turn off for me was that enemies can fire at you before you can see them. Fix that and I think you have a good base for a tactical shooter.

I know for a fact that peacocks are vicious bastards, so this is quite accurate. :D

This is a really fresh idea and very adherent to the theme. I liked both the art style and the relaxing background music. I wish there were more options for interaction. The game is a little repetitive right now.

Really neat idea. I like the 80s aesthetic. You made me feel as if I was driving the DeLorean.

Our game also has a car that's out of control ;)

You made this in 48h? This is insane. You could release it right now and start charging for it. One of the best games I've played in the jam.

Amazing game. Insane amount of polish. You can go ahead and make the puzzles even harder. The background music and the transitions between levels gave me a lot of Persona vibes.

This is genius! I loved the voice acting. Also props for taking the time to add automatic checkpoints.

Thanks for playing!

I'm sorry for the absence of a decent tutorial. You were actually playing the game the right way! After you gain the driver's trust by guessing enough curves, the next wrong curve will drive the car off the road. Since your goal, as a corrupt co-driver, is to sabotage your driver, you won! Congrats! :)


Holding down CTRL definitely sounds like a good idea. I hope you keep working on the game :)

I looooove the art style. Props to however drew all the little details in the cockpit. I also appreciate how you're not afraid to make the game brutally hard. It felt like piloting a real airplane for the first time.

We also made a pixelated game about controlling a vehicle (sorta). Check it out if you get the chance. ;)

I really hope your day job is not this depressing :D

Really liked the atmosphere and the background music. It sure is a relaxing game.

The translating part is a bit tedious. After a while, you memorize the symbols and don't have to look at the translator that often, but it's really slow in the beginning.

How about first have some very short letters with repeating characters and then slowly ramp up the difficulty? This way, players can actually memorize the entire alphabet piece by piece.

Take a look at our game if you get the chance :)

I liked how going left brought you to the right side of the level (same goes for up/down). You can really use this to escape fire or sneak behind enemies. I also liked the simplicity of the animations. I think the biggest downfall is that it's quite hard to control.

If you have time, please check out our game :)

Congrats on your first game!

Since the levels are not linear, it would be cool if there were treasures to find by going off the optimal path. Something like a bladder timer would also help build up the tension.

Take a look at our game if you get the chance :)

Protip: don't turn on infinite scroll on your mouse while playing this. :D

In all honesty, I thought this was going to be just another shoot-to-move, but I love how you need to switch between rifles to achieve the desired effect. The blunderbuss is ridiculously fun.

Check out our game if you have the time. :)