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I sent a lot of game since and no one noticed me so yes this bug is surely fixed 👍

Hello there !

Yes absolutely

Its a tiny special box. Delivered unfolded to ensure that it will be not crushed during transport

Okay I though it was a bug

THe game was great. However Too bad it doesn't use the crank at all. 

Great game that definitely worth his 2$.

Good graphics ( The rain, some effect impressive). Puzzles at some point are really smart and fun.

At the end, the boat float on the sea and nothing else happen. is it normal ?

Anyway : I will buy your next game for sure !!!

Looks great ! Don't hesitate to show me some capture on tweeter :D

Je regarde ça ☺️

Hi !Thanks for the feedback :D I will take it into account with an update as soon as possible :)


do you the the average delay for answer ?

I did not receive any answer from support... I don't understand why it take so much time.

Someone can help me ?!

14 december

I don't sent email yet

I can't because it need approval... I have to sent reward to my backers :(((((


I have to send rewards to my KS backers but i need admin approval before sending.

I send mail to support but not receive any answer yet...

Is someone can help ?! It's urgent :(

Thanks !

Hello everyone !

After a successful Kickstarter campaign my new sci-fi gameboy game is available on 😁


Deadus is great on my gameboy color through my GB USB SMART CARD 64MB.

It's cool to see new games coming on gameboy. Maybe a new Deadus on GBC one day ?

You can contact me if you want to bring some new language for the game ( like french for me). You can send me a txt and i will translate for you.


Deadeus community · Created a new topic French language

Is it possible to translate the game into french ? 😁