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Really calming game - great art style and interesting mechanic. Following you for your next project!

Yeah I agree about the white especially. But it wouldn't pop on the game browsing pages much.

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Thanks! I'm glad I hit upon the blue - I was gonna go for dark grey instead.

In fact, here. These are are the options I explored. I started with the top right one - with the orange-yellow shades.

The kit looks really good friend. The subdued color palette fits well with the sparing use of red.

That's good enough for me! You're the first person to ever follow me on any game dev platform. I'll remember you comrade.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll be supporting PC for now - aim to add Linux as well. Since I'm new, every step of the way is a sweet struggle. You don't reckon there is too much text?


I am a solo dev (learning) and recently announced a game I have started working on.

'Deathless we wait' is a short adventure game about saving people from a defunct centuries-old underground facility.

Would be very happy to get feedback on the banner image and the text I have put up on the project page.

Here's the project link

Thanks a lot for your time!

That's great work so far I think. I had two pieces of advice (do remember that I'm inexperienced still):

  • The artwork looks bland to me - it needs to be more striking and could even have a broader color palette (I suppose the art style is still in development)
  • Max Payne 1 was really memorable in the way it built the sense of a rundown area with a few hobos roaming about or watching TV in their home drugged up beyond limits - maybe that can be an inspiration to add to the tone of the place

Will be following your work, thanks for the updates!

Wow! Leaf himself. Thank you VERY VERY much for all the work you've done for developers and gamers. And for having such a morally strong vision about how to sell games. You and this platform are one of the reasons I've started learning to make games. Very happy to be here.

I have launched my in-progress-game page and will start writing devlogs. Thank you for the 'major update' post idea - I had not thought of that. That's it, I have no further queries.

For reference, I'd read about not launching a page to public if the game is not published, as an advice or suggestion on the refinery page. Saying that it is better to launch a fully polished game and keep the work-in-progress bits in closed testing etc. I think I took it too seriously or misinterpreted it.

Thanks again!

It's a UE4 game. My question was that  I want people to be able to add the game to their collection. Should I fully launch the game page or keep it restricted? I read that launching an in-progress game page is not recommended.

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Before I ask my question - you guys are the best. Love so much!

So ... ok. I want to start writing devlogs on itch, and get a newsletter service going, to build a small community around my new game.

Problem is - the game is in quite early stage of development and there is no prototype either. I want to refrain from making a game page, since I've read it's better to wait for a propoer launch. If I ONLY write devlogs, then people won't be able to add the game to their collection (since the game page doesn't exist).

How do I solve this?

Thanks a lot for your time!

A really beautiful game thank you! I've been closely following your steam page to get an idea on how well it was selling ... very happy to see such games succeed. Good luck for the future!

Really great homepage! Will check out the game though not really in a genre I understand ...