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Thank you for posting it on your site. Bookmarked it - there are a lot of gems I don't know yet. :-) 

Thank you very much! It was a blast programming this game. It required a lot of planning, especially the intertwine of spells, items, stats and monsters.
I just quick-checked the multiple swings issue, it seems to be fines for my savegames. Number of hits as well as damage per hit is going up for Paladins and Warriors. It depends a bit on the weapon though. If you want, you can send me your savegame(s) and I'll have a look into it.
Be free to email me at :-)

Thank you! :-)
No, there is no more to do after defeating Thargorim.

Nice one!

Thank you for playing and donating! I am still interested in any feedback. You may send it to

I know this delay of projects very well from my own projects. I will stay tuned, while hopefully doing some programming myself. ;-)
Thanks again for this nice gaming experience!

Nice one! I just completed Chapter 0. It reminded me a lot of the first three Space Quests. Now I need more! Should I hold my breath, like in the elevator shaft? :-D

You're welcome! I hope you have some fun with Gates Of Integrity. :-)

What version of Windows are you using?
I uploaded the documentation here, this should be working:

Spells are listed here:

Shoe, please send me an eMail to with your numbers.

chaneybear1, I sent you a PM :-)

Niiiice little game! I left the solar system after 263 days and had a lot of fun gathering resources! :-)

Your Mana Seed series fits my need so well, I will buy all of it over time. Great Pixel Art! Keep up the good work!

Short, but a nice one! Don't let the inspiration run out :-)

Very cool. I want to use it in my free game BurstPop as a background if that's ok.

Tbagge3660, your number count seems complete. eMail me what number you got after adding:

If you want to try it - v1.2 now supports fullscreen mode. :-)

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Thanks for all the input, Bhelogan!
I tried to reproduce the Monk levelling problem, but they levelled up just like the other fighting classes. The only delayed level ups should be for Wizards and Archmages.
If you want to, you may send me your final savegame to info(at) so I can take a look into what happened.
Glad you enjoyed the game! It was a blast making it.

ha! I stumbled upon the cross, walked over it to the right, vanished and drowned obviously. :-D

Nice progress, Bhelogan! :-)
The numbers to add are hidden in levels 1 to 3. Some are hidden in a very physical sense. Study the spell list. ;-)
Some are so obvious that automap will help you.

Thank you, once again. It was a single letter typo in the source code. To prevent spoiling saved games in progress I decided to release v1.03 with both Monks and Rogues being able to hide in shadows.

Thank you, Bhelogan!
I looked into the code and implemented your suggestion. You may now switch characters in the char info and inventory screens.
Version 1.01 is released just now. :-)

Thank you, frikiloko!
Unfortunately, this game only runs in windowed mode.

Thank you for sharing! I just joined the rpg group! :-)

stumbled upon this great one last year and loved it! I want a second part! :-D :-D

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A classic RPG in the style of Bard's Tale with the usual plot of killing the bad villain. ;-)