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How did you make a wroking multiplayer game with dedicated servers in just 3 days?!

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i thought that too but sometimes it didn't happen, maybe it's a pesky bug

This game's tough as nails! i gave up at level 11
The level designs and mechanics are quite neat tho, there's so many levels!
Presentation could use a little work

I couldn't figure out how to give customers the cofee :(

I love the concetp, very interesting and unique, is it inspired by Coffee Talk? i never played it but it seems similar
I wish i had more to say, everything else in the game is overall pretty ok

Weird but intereting idea, dunno if it's my thing tho

I like the concept, sadly there's a zero effort endless startegy that can let you collect leaves forever:
just pick two sceracrows, and keep swapping the collector and ritualist pumpkins between them when the bar gets too high

I love the concept of the final bossfight, maybe i'll steal that some day...

I was very confused by the gameplay, what triggers the thing you have to collect to spawn? it felt completely radom
The art was nice tho, i really liked it

I like the 3D-2D pixel art hybrid look, wonder how it would've looked with sunset colors...
The mechanics were neat, but the game felt a tiny bit too long for me

Also, i guess the squirrels cracked the sciece for cabbage duplication 😂

Overall, one of the most polished games in this jam, good job!

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Wait, did i forget to save my rating and post the comment i wrote? whoops

Well, basically, i saw the title of this game and i just *had to* play it

i absolutely love the ridiculousness of the idea

tho what if it the player character was a leaf? it would add to the ridiculousness and fit the theme even better

in terms of critiques, it's mostly things other commenters have said already, so i won't be redundant

overall, very funny game, i laughed a lot with it

Many people didn't like the move limits...
I do like your idea of being lenient at the beginning, but it also might be a problem with communication
Running out of moves was never meant to be a faliure state, the same way dying is super meat boy does't mean you failed the level, or how dying in outer wilds doesn't mean you failed the game. Runnning out of moves is just a perfectly natural and expected part of the puzzle solving process

But we completely failed to communicate this in the game, instead we have an "out of moves" screen that looks very much like a game over screen, which communicates to the player that they did bad and thet they failed. Maybe we should've done something closer to what Baba Is You does, where it simly stops the music and then reminds you of what button to press to restart the level.

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now that i read the message i sounded quite mean

sorry if i did, i didn't mean to

Thanks a lot  for the long comment!
An idea we had was to have each cat have different abilities, things like only one of them being able to jump or one being faster than the other
We sadly ended up scrapping thet idea very early in fear of scope creep

Very polished, i love the look
not the sort of game i usually play but i see the appeal
good job on it!

I accidentally pressed the spacebar and hd to restart three times...

Didn't find the blue tree either :(

It's sad you got no ratings
Most people probably didn't play this because they don't have roblox and don't want to go through the process of making an account and installing the client
Don't feel bad abut the quality of the game, i haven't played it either so i can't say anything, but it's not the reason no one played your game, it's simply because you made it too inconvenient to play

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the most common issues people have with this game is that they want more of it... probably not a bad sign... hopefully...

we did fewer levels so we could focus on quality and polish, tho we might have gone a little too far with that mentality

and the levels could've been a harder, i made the levels easy so everyone could finish them but i might have gone a little too far with that too. The levels were much harder at the start of development 

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

neat concept, not something i would've come up with
i can only image what somenone tryharding this game would look like...

nice wordplay
i was aslo confused by the ghost minigame, i clicked on it a bunch and eventually i went back to the chore select screen, at which point i assumed i won

hmmmm, the game doesn't seem to load for me :(

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Quite an interesting concept
i once prototyped a game that was like this but in reverse, there was a rocket that woud accelerate towards wherever you tapped
but i thik this is a much more creative take on the idea

Such a shame you didn't put an image, you'll get way fewer ratings that you should because of it

neat game, a little too much text for my liking tho

also, Godot game! high five! (yes, i will say this in every godot game i find)

Neat game, not something i would've though of
I wonder how that game would look witha more vibrant color pallete
Also, i love the animation for when you're reeling in the fish 😂

A pacifist rail shooter!
I love it, so original

This game is unlike anything else i've seen in this game jam
It also requres much more advnaced programming than anything else in this game jam
I'm very surprised you managed to do all this in 3 days

you're welcome!

I stayed at the bottom of the screen and the birds never got me...
but hey! that means i got to hear the entirety of the music, which was quite good

Intersting concept
I like the presentation

Woah this game's quite hard
i love the idea

On my fisrt attempt i used up all of my ingredients in the first day 😂

I love the transition animation between scenes
And the wall climbing mechanic too, it porbably wasn't easy to program

Also, Godot engine! high five!
tho i think you forgot to disable local coords on the particles

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Definetly among the more polished games in the jam
Amazing you managed to get and online leaderboard working!
tho... isn't it in the opposeite order it should be?
Still, extremely impresive

Oh, also, Godot engine, high five!

neat concept
tho i feel like the candle's should've have had bigger hitboxes so they can't go past each other
oh, and i like how you added a mug in the background

I love the animation
I like the little squash when you land

Short and sweet
I like how the puzzles weren not obtuse at all


The idea of the main mechanic is original, we didn't get inspired by anything else

The big amount of polished was achieved by a little bit of something the professionals call "spending way to much time making the game", and ig also making fewer levels so we had more time for polish

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a long comment!

I like the bear's animation

Such a shame you ran out of time :(