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This was a really fun game! I really like the graphics and I also liked how this game was trying to center around the consumable spells. Though it would be helpful if you had a map or there were memorable landmarks throughout a level so it can be easier to navigate. Some spells were also kind of useless such as the arcane spell and blink. The combat could have been also better if it was more strategic. It would be really cool to see an expanded version of this game. 

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The thermometer is red and the number is a positive number if it's hot and the thermometer is blue and a negative number if it is cold. Once you use all you cards, you can end turn (press c) to let the enemy do their turn and so that you can get some new cards. Though thanks for the ton of feedback!

Maybe press C to end turn?

It is intended to be really random and sometimes give you just a few damage cards since you can invert cards anyways so you can flip a healing card to become an attacking card. There should be a guide below if you don't know what will happen if you invert the card. Maybe reading the tutorial could help. It should be quite easy to control the RNG but it's RNG so... You know.

Just press Z. Sorry if I didn't write it down.

This is a really great game! It's very chaotic and the concept is also interesting. It has lots of potential and it would be nice to see the game expanded. Though the game is quite difficult. After Day 1, I always at least lost 1 life and at Day 6, I kept on replaying I never won. Still good either which way.

Oh... I tried playing it again and ya, 0.3 seconds isn't enough if they are turning since the player has quite a wide hitbox. Though 0.3 should be enough if they are not turning or they aren't turning for so long. Thanks though.

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The color does detect only the ship after 0.3 seconds which gives you enough time to get out. Though still, thanks for playing.

Haha, I forgot to place the text saying how to get past the screen. Press left or right to proceed the menu and tutorial.

The numbers you get when you roll aren't actually random. When you do a right roll, you roll the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and when you do a upwards roll, you do 4,5 and 6. The other directions are reversed. At least I'm glad someone got a point. I thought no one will get a point in the rating jam period.

Maybe we won't continue since many people said it's a bit confusing to get the hang of which I think is mostly because of the main mechanic.

Great art and love the funny things they say (The old lady rented their own spouse at the field). Wish it used the theme in a more creative way. Still great though.

The concept is really interesting (I definitely did not do a similar idea) and the combat was fun too. There were lots of bugs so I only was able to finish the first slime. The lightning bolt and grass was kind of hard to use. Nice game otherwise.

At first, I didn't know what it meant the "correct" number. After, it was really fun to try to remember the number and dodge lasers at the same time. It could have used the theme better and could have been more creative though other than that, it was a really fun game.

The reason you might not get hit while rolling is because you might be diagonal rolls which don't really work. To get the effects roll over bullets or the enemies to trigger the effects. It could also be that your not rolling as soon as you hit the enemy or bullet.

Though it's not the most creative game, it's a so-so platformer. Wished it actually used the theme in a more creative way, didn't have falls where you couldn't see where you should land and also wished the platforming variables were better.

I really liked the twist on the match 3 genre and the game was very fun in general. It could have however used the theme in a more creative way. Other than that, great game!

I found it quite hard to avoid the red spot of the die and it was also quite tricky to jump high above obstacles so I didn't get past the 1st level. However, the idea is quite good and if the difficulty is balanced, this will be a really fun game to play.

Grace  jumping also known commonly as coyote jumping is when you go of the platform and jump even when not touching the ground which is normally intended by the developer. As for 1300m, it depends whether you consider doing a grace jump after a dash allowed or not. If you don't, you would do it as intended by jumping up to the first balloon, dashing diagonally and so on since there's no solution to avoiding jumping in 1300m. If you consider it to be allowed, follow the video posted by Parchment. If you still don't understand, you can search up the celeste classic glossary which might explain it better.

Since I found this challenge fun I decided to do the strawberries also.

1 Jumps in 400m (Use Speedrun Strats)

3 Jumps in 700m (Use the regained dash from the berry so you won't have to jump again off the cloud)

1 Jumps in 1400m (Use spike clip)

Here are some ways to avoid jumping in Old Site and 1300m (I did a spike clip there like what Parchment did though no need to change polarity):

Also while routing this, I found another way to do 1500m:


Wow... I was thinking also of doing spike jumps in 1100 but it was kinda tricky so I wasn't able to make sure if it was possible. I also wasn't able to do 2300 without a jump because I couldn't really do the trick you did so I also couldn't make sure it was possible. For 1800 I didn't think of that. I was thinking from the cloud up to the balloon by spike jump. Didn't think of that way. 2600, I did not watch any gemskips of the original I didn't know that strat. But anyways that's really cool to see that you can still do the whole game with one jump without doing grace jumps after a dash.

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Umm... I kinda feel that grace jumping after a dash is like a ground jump because the reason why you can do that is because I think it still considers your on the ground. Though that's why I decided to reroute the whole thing but now grace jumping after a dash is a jump (also I think it should be called beating the game in blank amount of ground jumps and not jumps since there's jump in wall jump but oh well). Since you can't grace jump out of a dash anymore, what you can do is wall jump of the floor instead of ground jumping of the ground like this which is what like what Parchment did in 500m. Most of the time this is the solution:

If you can't wall jump of the floor you can just dash. Since I can't spam this whole posts with my GIFs, I skipped showing levels that either is the same to what Parchment did (400m) or levels that can easily be routed using the method of just wall jumping of the floor. I will also add GIFs of levels that can be way easier than Parchment showed. I will just add text descriptions for some levels if they are easy to explain in words. A few more other things to note a spike's hitbox is smaller than it looks (900m and 1500m) and you can actually be quick enough to wall jump off a breakable block you stepped on (1000m and 2800m)...

In order: 200m, 300m, 500m, 600m, (For 700m, just do it normally but dash instead of jump no need to cloud jump), (For 1100m, you can wall jump of the breakable block, get to the higher place to wall jump then stall for the cloud like in 600m), 1500m, 1900m (No need to spike clip), 2400m, 2700m

Sorry if there is so much GIFs... For this run, you need 6 jumps. One in 1100m when jumping off the cloud in the most left side where you don't have much height by just jumping, one in1300m when reaching for the first balloon, one in 1700m, the same situation with Parchment, one in 1800m jumping from the cloud to the balloon or the floor to the balloon, one in 2300m and one in 2600m when jumping up above the spikes since you don't have enough height. It was fun routing all of this. Obviously you need more jumps but hey... 

The game is really fun! The main mechanic is very innovative and the puzzle design unlike other puzzle game is great and the puzzles really stumped me. The graphics and the music also good. This game has lots of potential and can definitely be expanded.

The game's very fun! Just maybe you could have focused on the loop theme since I couldn't really see the connection of this game to the theme loop.

Wow! The game was really fun and tricky. It was very balanced and the song was nice to listen to.

So funny

Nice! It's really cute and the quests were quite fun.

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Thanks for the comment

Thank you for the comment. Yes, the soundtrack is really short since I made it and I pretty much didn't have enough time with school. As for the customer bug, I am pretty sure I patched it before it ended. If it didn't sorry. I know the bug was really annoying :)

:)) Super cute. Though why is the face floating? You can place it on the yellow texture so it doesn't float.

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I am finally done with Pumkin's Mail Man! Its a game where you give the mail to the rightful owner or throw it away depending on the day and night cycle which is represented with the alarm and the day and night counter. This is actually my first time to join 2 game jams on the same timeline and submit 1 game to them. It's very interesting fitting the limitations in this game. Though the journey was rough, I made it! If you want to play the game, here is the link:

Based on the rules, you are allowed to submit games that you already made and you can add new features while in the Devtober period which you will submit. I think you can't submit it after the challenge's period. Just post it on on the deadline and then you can add more features after it.

Epic and great concept! I don't know if you are planning to do or if it's possible, can you make some player to match with the aesthetic? Either which way, it's a really cool idea!

Me too...


Really fun! Had a great time searching for that last orange.

There is already a feature like that. You can change the teams of each players so they are opposite (Up, W, or U to change teams), you will spawn at opposite sides depending on the goals. Aside from that, thank you for the feedback!

If you are in the menu page and space doesn't work, someone needs to join the game first (by pressing ".", 2 or Y).

If you are in the menu page and space doesn't work, someone needs to join the game first (by pressing ".", 2 or Y).

Someone needs to join before playing. You can do that by pressing the hit buttons (".", 2 and Y).