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Or maybe a background with parallax effect to show the motion? Something like a waving field of wheat stretching toward the horizon with a setting sun and some clouds. Then the game could be interpreted as a farmer’s day dream - dozing off in the combine, they fantasize about doing crazy stunts :D

Thanks for your comment, Whale. Yeah, sorry about lack of Mac builds. We wanted to prepare them, but ran out of time. Even better would be to have it work in a browser, but it turned out to be more complicated because of some dependencies.

Regarding the use of Godot, we were aware of being in the gray area of the jam rules. But our main goal was to experiment with the integration and learn, not so much competing in the jam. Rand0m is the author of bevy_godot crate and we wanted to test it’s usefulness in a real development project with a deadline, design constraints and so forth. We have learned a lot. Difficulty in web and Mac exports were some of the valuable findings.

Looks cool, but just like Viliam I have no idea what to do. I’ve been clicking on stuff, but nothing happens. Do I have any influence on what’s going on? Is there a goal? I imagine it might just be unfinished, but in that case a bit more explanation would help us :-)

I love the idea! There was a sudden spike in difficulty. First few levels are tutorial style, and then there is a very complex puzzle where a single mistake require restart. This gets a bit frustrating. Maybe some kind of undo system would be helpful, so the player could experiment and revert last few moves without having to start the level from scratch?

Fun and challenging! Eventually I destroyed the boss, but the first pahse of the boss level, with two enemies and fully functional boss was very difficult. Then, as SecretPocketCat mentioned, after elimination the laser shooting part of the boss, it became too easy to destroy the rest. So maybe a bit of re-design of the boss could pay off. All in all very well done!

Interesting concept, but needs more work. Currently it is quite disorienting. Maybe because the performance on my laptop was rather bad. But it seems that camera control adds to the confusion. Maybe it’s not necessary to have separate orbiting camera and character motion? Together with monotone colors it makes comprehending the environment difficult.

There is an interesting concept there, but at this stage it’s really difficult to say what’s going on. Every entity on screen looks more or less the same, they overlap and very quickly it’s just a huge noisy mess. But with a bit more development it could be fun to play.

Cool idea and nice, simple visual style. The green “road” winding up and down is almost meditative :D Seems like a bit of tweaking could improve the gameplay a lot. The ride seems slow and the speed bonus wanes off too fast to use it on the next jump. Has a potential for a really nice game. Congratulations!

Congratulations on finishing the jam with an interesting concept. I’m in a similar position regarding Bevy and Rust, so I can appreciate your accomplishment. Good job!

A lot of fun! Sometimes it hangs with panicked at 'overflow when subtracting durations', library/core/src/

Really interesting concept. I spent way more time playing it than initially expected. I think it has a great potential. The controls could be improved. It doesn’t seem possible to cancel the “order” (once I chose a device, I have to place it somewhere, even if it was a mistake). Also moving existing devices would make it more appealing.

As for the gameplay, accumulating points forever starts feeling… pointless :D I thought that maybe going with the factory metaphor, player could get different orders to fulfill. Each level could start with a special collector that only accepts a certain numbers (say 7, or 250) and your goal would be to build a factory to feed it this number. You could add devices like subtractors or dividers. Just a thought :-)

Lovely! The most complete game I saw so far. The music references, pirate style of narration and voice acting are really nice.

I agree with Aeon Felis about the cursor (it was sometimes difficult to understand what’s going on and controlling the ship). Also about blasting the music non stop. I mean it’s ok to blast it like that, but then what’s the F button for?

It would be a great improvement if the music blasted by the ship would be more interesting. Maybe the player could adjust different instruments separately and “compose” the music this way? Or dying monsters could emit different musical samples. IDK. Something in this direction :-)

It’s super impressive what you made in this short time. Bravo!

Congratulations on finishing the jam! I like the simplicity of your game. It is not clear if the game has some end-goal or even progression, or is it just about running away from monsters for as long as possible. If it’s just running, some more elements could help keep player engaged.

Really nice concept! It fits the theme well. Congratulations on finishing the jam with a nice product.