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Funny game. At first, it seems rather unsightly, but the mechanics are quite a lot. Bouncing off the block is like in Kaizo, cool) I didn't figure out how to carry the last ingredient while avoiding daylight, so I cheated by throwing it over the wall on the left and just taking it from the other side. Good job!

Thank you) Good luck with the passage of the game!

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Thanks for the feedback) Yes, 16 level is not easy, I agree with this. And I'm really sorry that I didn't have time to add tutorial as planned

Ok, got it)

Thank you for the extended review! I'm glad that you liked the game, and it's great that you managed to find one of the many secrets) Please rate the game if you haven't already, thanks ^^

Not bad for a first game on a new engine. Ironically, this was the last game I rated :/)

Not bad. The fate of the robot worries me (It's cool that each machine has its own peculiarity

Good luck in your endeavors!

Curious game. She definitely has potential. Because of the randomness, sometimes it can be very difficult to win, and I did not understand how best to proceed in order to accurately keep the hive alive ^^'

A very good game. Beautiful menu, cute characters :3 There is even a level editor, it's generally a shock. Great result, keep it up!

I was very impressed with the visual style! Good work on the graphics) I felt like a broker, haha

Very decent game) I liked the style and attention to detail. It was also quite enjoyable to ride around the open world. Good job!

Pretty fun and dynamic game, good job! I like the play on words in the title. Of the minuses: it took getting used to holding the jump key, because otherwise the character not overcome obstacles well, and in an isometric view it is difficult to understand where to jump. But I finished the game)

Unfortunately, the game freezes after the intro (black screen). And I can't skip the cutscene because the button appears to be off screen. I guess there's nothing I can do on my end to get around this(

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I like the town) The game is monotonous, but I still managed to drive far enough

I don't even know how to rate this game, given that it was made before the jam. But looks good

I don’t even know if I would like such a chair or not. Cool graphics in the game

Was it done in two weeks? Cool)

I didn't think the game would be so short. Well, at least thanks for saving me time)

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It was the most fun game for me! I really like games with a dynamic movement system. I'm not a speedrunner, but in such games you really feel like someone like that and you feel freedom. I highly recommend playing "Hover" where it's just amazing running in a futuristic open world ;)

Cute game, and calm music emphasizes this. It helps to think about nature, about the problems of poor birds... Thank you

An unexpectedly detailed game, despite the cover. Looks very good! The game looks pretty lively, I even mistook the enemies for players at first :/) Great job!

Cool game, something more could have come out of this idea) True, what's the point if you can just remove people and nothing will harm them, haha

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Cool rescue mission. The errors were a little annoying, but overall not bad.

P.S. I have already seen the same settings screen in another game ( Where did you get it from?

A cool survival game that is in no way inferior to Terraria

The game slows down if you shoot a lot. But I like the style)

Very epic game.

(What more?)

Original idea! The skyblocks themselves are complex, and when they rotate, it becomes even more interesting. It's really unstable!

Probably, in the later stages of pumping, this game reveals itself from the best side, but there is no desire to endure such low damage

I didn't understand how to play it, but the description sounds cool

I don't have anyone to play with, but it's fun

It's a pity that the motivation was not enough for the development of this game, but it still has a wonderful atmosphere, it was great)

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Lol this music is familiar to me because it's in "I Wanna Maker" :/) It wasn't hard to get to the top, fun platformer.

P.S. My level in IWM where the same music was used:

Cool, but difficult, very extreme conditions C':

I was expecting more, but it turned out to be just point and click. I think this could make a great game, because the atmosphere is very good! So far, it's just endless attempts to cope with a very poorly designed machine that constantly breaks down

The game did not expand to full screen, but this did not interfere with the gameplay. I really liked the character design, it looks very cute ^^ I think the game lacks complexity, because you can hold on as long as you like, unless, of course, you press one button for too long. Well, but I grew a big flower)

Hard shooter. I made several attempts, but could not long stand against these terrible mushrooms. Either I'm bad at shooters or there's something wrong with the controls :'> In any case, the visual style and music left a good impression, well done!

Cool game, I like the idea) It's quite difficult to keep track of all the plants. In some cases, you can only hope that you are lucky with the direction of the slope, otherwise the loss is inevitable. Good job!

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Nice game) The mechanics are the same as in "Jump King". It was really interesting to strive for the passage of the game. True, the impression was somewhat spoiled by the hanging readiness to jump if you accidentally move the cursor outside the game window, but in general this is a wonderful game, and I had a good time)