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Tick tock, tick tock: 

You see the ticker here?

It means you're running out of time.

Oh, and since we're doing a BIG jam this time, I'm going to DOUBLE my normal $10 winners prize to $20!

That's right. $20 to EACH of the top 5 games submitted to the jam. I can't WAIT to give you awesome devs more money. You ROCK!

Yup, that portal went down back in 2020. We don't currently have a self-serve portal for authors to submit games. Just have JSON repo in github and file mirrors.

Shoot out! - Scorpion-Software - Optional Feedback

7 responses

Great idea! Sometimes i was not sure which player was in control? And score was always 0 at the end.

I would prefer to aim with the analogue stick but i really enjoyed the blood splatter effects. Would love to see an update

Played this one for the longest of any of them. Addicting and unique!

A very solid entry. It just needs new art and some bg music to build up a little tension. Other than that it feels almost like a full NES game release.

if you feel like adding things maybe a local multiplayer could be nice.

This was pretty fun. Not played a game like this before, and although I had issues as the RB button on my OUYA controller is damaged, I did manage to make it to about round 17 or 18 before they got me. Some levels feel impossible as I get shot before I could possibly fire back at 2 enemies, but other than that it's quite good.

Oof, the bots are good. This is a SUPER fun game. Thank you for adding the aim lines. Very excited to keep playing this one.

Broken But Still Beautiful - Sketche99 - Optional Feedback

6 responses

If you pause the game, it's impossible to unpause it. Also, when restarting several times at some point i could no longer control the wheelchair movement.

Found a problem affecting movement when pausing the game. Overall great job!

Controls were a little loose.

Liked how it was about a someone using a wheel chair.

A decent looking, and relaxing/simple game. Was worried about performance issues as I remember from your previous games that the graphics were good, but performance wasn't the best on OUYA, but it seems to have a nice balance of good graphics and nice performance here.

I LOVE THE PREMISE OF THIS GAME! And the music was great! Didn't feel repetitive at all while I was looking for the 10. Controls were a little janky, but that's probably true of trying to use a wheelchair in real life... Seriously great job.

7 responses

Wolf needs better physics. Make sure there's enough room to jump between platforms, as the wolf gets stuck in 8 out of 10 attempts.

Could be a bit longer, controls feel slow too. Has a lot of potential with some polish!

Too short! Could be a fun little plastformer!

Developer didn't have time to put into it...

Nice little game. I liked how the head bent back when standing too close to something lol

Liked the animal and her animation, the jumps ask for much precision, maybe they can be polished to be a lil easy to control.

A little short, and ends with an error when you die. Would be cool to have this expanded with more levels.

Aliens Taste My Sword - Saulo Daniel - Optional Feedback

9 responses

Jumping could use more inertia, similar to Super Mario World (SNES). With the Ouya controller it's hard to anticipate where the character will land.

Great looking game, looking forward to seeing more from the dev

Reminds me of the Gameboy DMG games

Great visual style! Not my kind of game but it's brilliantly done!

Some on screen prompts could be helpful.

Gameplay felt akward, enemies can shoot but I have to dash into them!?! Sometimes it doesn't work out...

Really great. Couldn't figure out what to do after finding the cows. Not sure if it was just a demo or not. Either way, looked awesome.

Spikes have a big hit box, not all things are clear but was fun trying to figure it out.

Really enjoyed this, but had trouble with hitting enemies, their hitboxes seemed difficult, and often I died despite attacking them. The style of the game is fantastic though, and good art.

SHOOT! I need to learn to dev! That's awesome. I'll also be giving away prize money like normal :)

I'm trying to contact you and send you prize money. Come send me a message on the ouya forum ( or discord ( )

Y’all are ROCKSTARS!

Thank you for making the “re-lease” (see what I did there?) of the OUYA such a party!

Proud of your game and where it is going? If so, PLEASE, go submit your game to We’ve created an “In Development” genre that you can use while you continue working on it.

Submitting your game to this site allows the OUYA to download your game using the discover store.

We’re working towards a future of the OUYA where gamers can easily access your other work and buy games from you. Thank you for being part of the jam this year!