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Shoot out!View game page

You are the new sheriff in town!
Submitted by scorpion-software — 4 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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Shoot out!'s page

You are the new sheriff, and the town is full with bad guys!

- Use left and right shoulder buttons to shoot bad guys. You can also use d-pad left and A-button to shoot. You can only shoot when arm is moving.

- You can also touch the left and right side of the screen to shoot, on tablet/phone/touchscreen device. Game will also work entirely with touchscreen devices.

- Use Z and M to shoot when using keyboards

- Shoot cactus for extra hearts

- Shoot shield for extra armor

- Contains 2 bonus levels

Works on OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and most android devices with touchscreen, keyboard or gamepads

How long can you survive?

Good luck!

How long have you spent working on code for the game?
6 days

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Corona got in the way :)

New version uploaded (2.5.0). 
Contains some fixes, and also a windows version.
Also added 2 bonus levels every 8 rooms.



working on an update.

- 3 bonus levels (challenge levels). will come after about 8 levels. you will get a bonus level at random

- end boss (still working on this)

hope to release it within 2 weeks


thanks for all the good feedback! I can definitely use it for an update :)

Shoot out! - Scorpion-Software - Optional Feedback

7 responses

Great idea! Sometimes i was not sure which player was in control? And score was always 0 at the end.

I would prefer to aim with the analogue stick but i really enjoyed the blood splatter effects. Would love to see an update

Played this one for the longest of any of them. Addicting and unique!

A very solid entry. It just needs new art and some bg music to build up a little tension. Other than that it feels almost like a full NES game release.

if you feel like adding things maybe a local multiplayer could be nice.

This was pretty fun. Not played a game like this before, and although I had issues as the RB button on my OUYA controller is damaged, I did manage to make it to about round 17 or 18 before they got me. Some levels feel impossible as I get shot before I could possibly fire back at 2 enemies, but other than that it's quite good.

Oof, the bots are good. This is a SUPER fun game. Thank you for adding the aim lines. Very excited to keep playing this one.


it seems a lot of games crash on your ouya, xordspar0 :)

maybe there is something wrong with your ouya?


This crashes on my Ouya.