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Thanks for the feedback for the game on the Ouya console, I'll check if I can add some sounds effects, I tried once with one for the goal but it became to repetitive, maybe adding various and playing them at random could do the trick.

I'm wondering about the one that talks about the paywall, it has a demo with one stage (after the intro stage) that can be fully played against friends or the A.I., maybe it's not so clear.

About the Ouya Store, I think it has to do with the signing process, there used to be various ways to sign the file for a javascript game for Android 4.1 but now they don't work anymore so I autosigned it, it works for sideloading but as far a I know it doesn't work with Ouya's Store, if I find another method I will try it on the future, but for now it's easy sideloadeable.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.