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this was a wonderful little golf game that was very chill and surprisingly fun.

thanks for sharing!

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Okay, I'd like to start out by saying that overall I really did love this. the art style and atmosphere was an absolute 10/10 for me.
I really liked the concept too. it's simple and not overly challenging, and the concepts that you reminisce about are pretty on point.

where this has a slight hiccup, and, for a moment, I actually thought was an intentional stroke of brilliance, was with the way the pattern connection is handled mechanically. the vast majority of these star patterns are able to be done in single line clicks. from left to right, right to left, or clockwise/counterclockwise, depending on how you approached it.

you get childhood. and this pattern system seems to just fall apart. it fails. I can't connect the lines. I know the constellation. I can see it right there? why can't I make it work? it's so obviously right there.

I fail. I go again. okay. we got this.
I come upon childhood again. shoot. okay. maybe I need to click in a very specific order? nope. that wasn't it.
oh, what? childhood is first this time?? fail.
that's when I think, oh my god, childhood is broken. this entity cannot get over the immeasurable sadness of their own childhood.
I found that very deep and moving.

but being as stubborn as I am, I decide maybe I'm overthinking. I give it another attempt or two, and come upon desire, which also requires the same input style as childhood. and that's when it clicks. it's not really made apparent by any means that it's okay to click through on stars you've already 'set'/aligned to create a new line.

so, to anyone stuck:
after connecting a line, the game will default to the point you last clicked as your 'origin' point, however, you can click a point that has already been aligned first, and then click a second point to create a separate line. I don't know what would be a better way to convey this, other than maybe having a start start shimmering a little brighter or something.

I hope this doesn't come off as arrogant or a harsh criticism, I am just trying to convey my play experience, which I did deeply enjoy for how short it was. thank-you for making this emotionally moving little game, and it's incredibly impressive that it was made for Ludum Dare. I went through and played through some of your previous works, and they were all very enjoyable.

thanks for sharing your art with the itch community! looking forward to anything else you put out in the future.

thanks so much for sharing this! I will definitely check out this tutorial and implement it in one of my future projects, I really loved the end result you guys achieved!

I never knew about ZQSD -- I appreciate you informing me, this is something I feel I should probably be more inclusive about in my future games.

thanks so much for taking time to write this response to me, I really appreciate it :)

Cool prototype! I recently made a snowy themed game as well. I really liked how you did the snow effect, it had me wishing I used square particles instead!

is that a shader on the tree leave meshes to add that wind effect? I really like the look of them.

I would have to say my one biggest point to note from my small play through is that ZQSD is a veryyyy strange choice for movement keys. ultimately it's obviously your guys vision but I ended up swapping to the arrow keys because thankfully they still worked.

looking forward to see where this heads!

I've gotten similar comments from friends I've shared with. I completely agree that it's very 'directionless'-- definitely could be more intuitive. 

I think with the next iteration I will have a few sticks outside the cabin initially just so the player can obviously see what's going on.

I also think you're correct in that the way the storm currently works there is very little incentive/ability to be able to explore at all since it's very limiting and that should be addressed.

I appreciate you taking the time to play & comment, thanks!

"the procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll"

tried googling around for some fixes but to no avail. likely an issue because I'm running windows 7? no confirmation on that though.

Thanks so much for your kind words! We put a lot of effort into this in the time we had. 3 days is tough for newer developers! we feel we have a pretty good basis here for a fun little stealth game, and we have a huge laundry list of small bugs, polish, and of course, more level building. we're definitely hoping to release a more polished and longer version of the game in the future.

thanks for taking the time to give us a thorough comment and give us your critcisms! much appreciated :)

less 'scary' and more 'cheesy/comedy', but I prefer that. was a really short play through but ending gave me a laugh and overall this was pretty enjoyable.

good job!

gave this another go!

can definitely say it's way better on a controller. unfortunately I ran into another bug. if you get past the golden key door and grab the next iron/dark key, don't go back towards/through the gold key door, you will fall into nothingness and be left on a blank salmon/pink screen.

I think that's it for my attempts, interesting game and I'd recommend checking it out, but be wary of bugs :)

pretty cool game!

it was a little frustrating to play on keyboard, I assume a large amount of play testing was done with a controller. I didn't try using one but I'd probably recommend it.

couple of protips for anyone else:

- if you fall off and get set back to a checkpoint, you can start moving by jumping right away

- don't jump to a ledge after you fall off a ledge by walking. you can get stuck in an infinite climb state and have to reset the game.

I'll have to come back and give this another play through to actually finish this without getting stuck soon!

a cool, quirky game that was pretty quick to play.

good job!

played in the web browser and I'm using a GTX 970 and had no issues, just for a reference point

a fixed build has been uploaded, thanks for bringing this to my attention :)

sorry to hear that! breaking as in crashes, or simply doesn't work?

are you playing on the PC build or webGL?

oh, a challenge you say? I guess I'll be back

just played through-- really awesome! enjoyed it thoroughly. I actually found the first challenge to be the toughest for some reason, with the remaining 3 being of moderate difficulty.

if I could leave two pieces of criticism, it would be:

  • transitions after a level/challenge ends. it could have been as easy as having 'one way' doors that shoot you back into the transfer area. it was kind of neat to be able to come out on top of the challenge you had just beat, but it's not entirely clear where to go / how to get back, and specifically after the 'Rising' challenge, I had to repeat several times simply because I was getting out of bounds and reset.
  • the SFX for the voice needs to refactor. the slowed down audio doesn't really come off as creepy or mystical to me, I just hear really slowed down garbled audio. but maybe I'm just nitpicking.

I seriously loved playing through this brief game though. it really was enjoyable and challenging in just the right ways. great use of spacial mechanics, will definitely recommend this to my friends :)