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The Long Mark

Survive the obscure indie ripoff apocalypse · By syntaxless


A topic by jfkEO1010etc created Feb 13, 2021 Views: 94 Replies: 1
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very nice sound design and the snowstorm fx are great. Not a fan of toon-meets-lowpoly style, but it's well done. I couldn't find any sticks tho, and if I had, I were afraid I had no clue how to pick them up. Some more instruction would be nice. And more time, or a way to regenerate. First let the player explore the beauty of the landscape. Start the snowstorm later, when the player is further away from the house, this adds to the "oh no" effect. Just my 2c.


I've gotten similar comments from friends I've shared with. I completely agree that it's very 'directionless'-- definitely could be more intuitive. 

I think with the next iteration I will have a few sticks outside the cabin initially just so the player can obviously see what's going on.

I also think you're correct in that the way the storm currently works there is very little incentive/ability to be able to explore at all since it's very limiting and that should be addressed.

I appreciate you taking the time to play & comment, thanks!