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Sorry for any inconveniences. I will have to take this into consideration for my next projects. Thank you for the valuable feedback!


np, you deserved it!

Okie, i am back, I think you should add a turret that fires every 3 seconds in one direction. This will force the player o quickly maneuver their way out of the turrets range to stay alive. Maybe you could also add a moving spike!

Also, to trigger it, you must also be on the main screen/title screen for it to trigger...


Did you make sure to get 25 ions + steel?

This is AMAZING! I have no other words for it...

Very nice game! Awesome!

Lovely idea that was executed! One improvement you could have made was adding more of a city feeling or some little shrubs in the background because just looking at a gray and red game is not that fun. But, other than that, great job! This has a lot of potential!

This is a very nice game! Keep up the good work!


The graphics are amazing!


Oh, ok!

Sure! I would love to! I will probably get back on you on that tomorrow though! I need some sleep rnow!

There is a bug, after you finish machine gun pew pew level, it turns to a black screen... was that the last level?

Looking forward to the steam version being unlocked! (In 12 days)

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Very nice game indeed! I am also a chess player myself and can relate to this when playing bullet chess. Very cool! BTW, there is a slight bug, whenever you click the 'main menu' button when you die, it creates another music player. But, all-in-all very nice! Great Job!

They have a life of 3 hits, you probably need to shoot them 3 times in order for them to break

Will do!

Thank you! There is audio in the windows version. I left it out in the web version because it caused the game to be very laggy!

In the gather minigame, you collect other resources like quartz and carbon that help you buy steel or ions

This is amazing!

ALso, there is audio in the windows edition... i let it out in web cuz it laggy

This is very fun! Great job!

Yeah! Will do!




Kaboom community · Created a new topic vector mark

Its mark, but vectorized!

MarkJam #5 community · Created a new topic 13 submissions!

ohhh so many games to play!

Great Graphics man! Nice!

Make sure to post your scores here!

This is awesome!

MarkJam #5 community · Created a new topic Final Streches!

The jam will be ending soon and I cant wait to play your games... looks like we already have 9 submissions and more to join!

3 - 2 days left depending on what time you read this...

Good Luck!

I am very excited to see what yall make! I might join the jam... (so long if I find a game idea that fits the theme....)

Good luck to all of you!

@Lunialation666 good point!

pac man? food?? MARK HIMSELF???

MarkJam #5 community · Created a new topic Theme Guessing!

Guesses for the theme anyone???