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thank you so much!!!! really glad you enjoyed it :))

Really enjoyed the style and idea of this game! It was definitely a little tricky to know what to do but it was super fun to just walk around the environment and take pictures

Really enjoyed this!! super unique idea and you somehow made mazes fun! Really good submission :)

Really cute platformer! The controls are super tight and felt really good, and the pixel art was very polished. Amazing job!!

really cute game!! the art and the coziness are off the charts :)

THIS IS SO GOOD!! The music and the art and the vibe are so amazing and the little quests are so much fun!! definitely more fun than the ones I made haha

omg that’s amazing 😂

did not think that was even possible lmao

Glad you liked it!! And thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely be making a lot of changes in an update :))

Really lovely art! The music and overall vibe was impeccable, only criticism is just that it's a little hard to know where to go, but other than that I love it!

woah you made this in scratch?? that's super cool! feels very fun to play :))

LOVE the slapstick humor. It's so chaotic but it has such a nice vibe. Great submission!!

Wow, this is defo one of the funnest games in the jam!! Love the warioware-esc gameplay

thank u sm!

thanks for playing! i’ll fs try to improve that objective 

glad u liked it! there actually is a system to check if the pumpkin is happy or scary, but it’s super lenient since all it requires is that the pumpkin has at least 2 scary or 2 happy shapes. Thank you for the feedback!! i’ll definitely look into making it better

aaaa thank u so much!!! i’ll definitely be updating the game pretty soon :D

very fun little platforming game! you did a rly good job making all the abilities work with each other, whilst still keeping the difficulty pretty high. great job!

Very lovely game! feels very polished and cozy. only suggestion would be to maybe have less leaves or more variety, but overall it was very sweet :)

Really liked the theme of this game! definitely  gave me some outer wilds vibes which is a huge plus, great job!

very fun and unique game!! the art is absolutely stunning and the music is really nice too! great job :))

The animation here is so good! the gameplay was pretty tricky to get used to but was SO fun when it clicked. Amazing job!

thank u! and you’re right 500 is probably too much, how much do u think would be better?

thank you!! and thanks for the feedback; the font, cup carrier, and sfx are all things i’m defo gonna work on for an update. glad you enjoyed it! :))

thank you so much!!! i’m really glad u liked the characters! (i wrote most of them at like 3 in the morning)

Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! I will definitely implement those things in a post-jam update. Very glad you enjoyed it! <3

Thank you!! That means a lot!

Thanks!! And yeah the dialogue UI was one of those things i wanted to make better but didn't have time for unfortunately

thank you! yeah the pumpkin carving took a pretty big chunk of the time i had haha


Thank you sm!!

"The corners of my soul are warmed by your words" 🥹

Really fun game! It was so satisfying and the movement system with the leaf blower is so creative!! 10/10

This was super fun! Really loved the atmosphere and gameplay!

I thought he would like the bee for some reason now i feel so bad 😭

Or is the theme just Cozy/Autumn

One of the rules in the FAQ says you can't submit a game you've previously made, and I imagine they check that through some metadata inside the files (?), as they do say "We do check". But Unity projects take a while to create on my PC, and I was wondering If there is any risk that I'd get disqualified by creating the project like 15 minutes early just so everything is ready.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Hella fun ngl