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A nice little timesink, I think it might be a bit too easy to balance everything out or get to 95% chance to succeed, I won on my first attempt. But it was still a fun time :)

This was quite a fun one, I think if the enemies, allies and levels were fleshed out more with some more variety, you'd have a really solid game here :)

Neat concept, would love to see more of it fleshed out!

I had a bit of an issue where it seemed like the mines' hitboxes were too big, and while the levels were quite small, having to restart them with no checkpoints did feel like it slowed the game down a bit, particularly with having to wait for some of the platforms.

Very strange.

Admittedly I don't know much about WebGL builds so I'm not sure how well it works on Mac.

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :D

I'd love to make a full version of this sometime, who knows where we could take the concept :)

Really cute little experience - if it wasn't for a couple game-breaking bugs it would be just about perfect :)

Amazing visuals and audio! 

Found the shooting was a tad finnicky and hard to control but overall a good experience :)

Really fun game with solid visuals and music - could do with a bit more challenge I think - something to force you to relocate your villagers or add more strategy to their placements rather than placing them and leaving them as is.

You can't make yourself smaller :P

Gotta be careful which ones you pick up first

It really isn't a lot is it :P

If you ever decide to expand this further in future, good luck with it :)

Thank you!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :D

With a bit more polish in the controls and physics (it feels very slippery right now) and the other cubes more reliably following you to the end gate, I think you'd have a pretty neat little game on your hands here :)

Enjoyed hanging out with you on stream :)
Pretty amazing how much you got done so quickly I did find the weaving centipede enemies quite hard to hit as they move up and down faster than you do - I think having a faster strafe or slowing them down would make them more enjoyable to fight.

The base of a great idea is here but without any limitations or progression its hard to stay engaged - would be great to see challenges or limitations placed on what you can build or some sort of progression as you fulfil peoples needs, and I feel a more intuitive block placement system would be welcome, having all 5 available to pick rather than selecting through them with the number keys.

What a cute little game about slaughtering a bunch of slimes and resurrecting their bones as your slaves :)

Fun little timesink, think it was a bit too easy to win first time around though, investing almost entirely in people and tasks off the bat seems to be a bit too broken, the others need a bit more purpose I think aside from task requirements, other than that, cool game :)

Really liked some of the visuals! I did have an issue with the monsters appearing faster than you can shoot - perhaps an increase in rate of fire as you save more goobers would be good to add :)

This was a fun one, amazed how you managed to make it look this good in just a week :P

I wish to know your secrets

A cool idea, unfortunately I wasn't able to move the green character around for whatever reason, and the turrets and projectiles seem to be a bit too accurate for the control style, it's very hard to dodge them.

A rate would be much appreciated, thanks :) and I'll play yours in return

Very cool concept :)

Struggled a little bit with the magnets wandering off and not being able to switch to them as a result, but aside from that, didn't have many problems.

This was a neat little puzzle game :)

This was a really fun one :)

Love the style and story behind it, really cute.

I also have a couple questions about that- I've never seen that before.


Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite it not really being what you expected.

I will say, striking the balance between Buddy talking enough to have it be not annoying at all was quite a difficult task, as previous playtesters said it was too frequent and annoying and interrupted gameplay too often for most of the times I set for him to be speaking.

I'd be surprised if it doesn't, it shouldn't be too intensive a game.

Haha, yes, the Buddy chatter setting can't be changed, that was an intentional feature :P

Thank you for the feedback :)

Could you please provide a screenshot of this space so I can make some gameplay changes and hopefully make the game more challenging? Also I will add a system that prioritises nearby spawns so that enemies a certain distance away will respawn at a different spawner.

I just had a playthrough on v1.02b and I managed to get past round 5, update to the latest version and see if that works for you.

Also could you please state which round this is? I've had a similar issue on Round 4.

Was this with version 1.01 or 1.02?

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This is where bugs are reported so I can fix them, please also provide specifics such as when it happened and what happened.

Known Bugs:

Stats won't register (this right now isn't our priority and will be sorted when all the major bugs are sorted out)

The quit button sometimes doesn't work when you die and get sent back to the menu.