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Slaughter Lands v1.19b

Survive as long as you can against waves of the undead. · By The Game Changers

Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by The Game Changers created Sep 07, 2016 Views: 144 Replies: 9
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Developer (Edited 2 times)

This is where bugs are reported so I can fix them, please also provide specifics such as when it happened and what happened.

Known Bugs:

Stats won't register (this right now isn't our priority and will be sorted when all the major bugs are sorted out)

The quit button sometimes doesn't work when you die and get sent back to the menu.

I haave to problems the Enemys on wave for near the end of the round dont spawn and when i die it takes me to the menu without the ability to click on play agian making you close the game and relaunch for another go thanks for reading and i like this game very much how did you learn to code it because i am having trouble doing a game myself xD


Was this with version 1.01 or 1.02?


Also could you please state which round this is? I've had a similar issue on Round 4.

it was version 1.0.1 and round 4

i got past round 4 on 1.0.2 i think and same thing happened on round 5


I just had a playthrough on v1.02b and I managed to get past round 5, update to the latest version and see if that works for you.

loving the game got to round 16 went down but could not find last zombie :( great game cannot wait to see more like the idea of the door shutter also you cannot press quit to close game you have to F4 or window out of it to close it and also the spot by power next to the random machine is very easy to survive with xD


Could you please provide a screenshot of this space so I can make some gameplay changes and hopefully make the game more challenging? Also I will add a system that prioritises nearby spawns so that enemies a certain distance away will respawn at a different spawner.

I will get a screenshot but it is the spot upstairs at power right next to the Random Weapon Machine