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We recently realized we could make a mac build, so we did! It does require a few more steps to open it (which we outlined in our Download and Install instructions for macOS). Feel free to try it out now uwu

Thanks for playing our game and sharing your gameplay experience! The team and I really enjoyed watching your video ♪(^∇^*)

Hewwo!!! Thanks for your interest and sorry for the inconvenience. We're happy to say that we fixed (hopefully) all game breaking bugs, so you should be able to go through the entire game now. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game uwu

Really like the cookie place aesthetic and the switcheroo. I was expecting a jump scare, but glad that didn't happen. Unfortunately ran into a bug during the second level (it wouldn't load) ;u;

Enjoyed the fast gameplay loop and how I could keep trial / error. Love the aesthetic as well, but I wish there was a bit more clarity around the saplings / when spells are activated.

The graphics are stunning, and I really enjoyed the lighting. Platforming was alright; I would have liked it if we could jump from below. Attacking also felt a bit lackluster, so I resorted to just dodging and speed running, which was actually pretty fun. I did enjoy just riding on top of the enemies xD

Such a fun and inspiring core mechanic! It got me into a really good rhythm ♪(´▽`)

Such a cute game uwu

I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end and it's got me reflecting a bit. Plus, now I am inspired to make a food-based game

The cards are so hilarious and loved the card hovering animation.. It was a bit unfortunate that the game kept crashing, but I still had lots of fun. If there was a continuation, I would have liked a tutorial or rundown on how the cards work. I had no idea what I was doing half the time and if I was making any good progress ;u;

Thanks for playing! I'm glad we were able to channel the cat energy very well uwu

Hmm, the game was meant for screen sizes of 16:9, and we hadn't tested other screen ratios. For the blue screen, there are a few settings that we can change in Unity for the web browser to test if that would fix it. However, we won't be able to update the game during the rating period.

If you haven't already tried it, see if the game runs on other browsers. Plus you could even download the Windows version which should have fewer issues than the web version. But you're not obligated to either. Other than that, I have no other solutions. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for trying. I hope you have fun enjoying the rest of the game jam games.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The team also loves cats very much uwu

It would be fun to return to it, fix some bugs, and create more content for the game. But as of now, we'll be leaving it as is since it's a game jam game.

I'm so sorry to hear that. 

May I ask what platform and/or operating system you're running the game on (e.g. browser vs windows build, mobile vs pc, etc)?
The browser resolution is set to 1280x720 and the windows build is 1920 x 1080, which should fit most standard browsers and monitors. The browser version also only works on desktops and not on mobile devices.

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Thanks for playing the game.

Game Design

In response to your feedback, we incorporated the loop to fit the game jam's theme "loop". Initially, we wanted the player cat to knock down to their heart's content then try to leave the level, only to realize that they're stuck in the same level and there are new things to knock down. However, due to the time constraints, we were not able to fully realize our vision.

I also agree that the fun of the game comes from the annoyance/playfulness you mentioned. I actually spent most of my time repeatedly knocking things down instead of completing the level. In that respect, the game might have greatly benefited if it was perhaps a sandbox instead.

We //mostly I// kept on putting off talking about how to indicate knockable objects and platforms. If I had brought it up sooner, we might have been able to design the art in a way that shows that type of information from the get-go while still staying true to the ink/doodle art style.


UI placement could have used some work (e.g. showing a button was selected, more orderly button placement/design). However, some of the UI (e.g. pause and options button) was placed in a way to not obscure the gameplay view and/or detract from the more important elements on the screen. 

And thank you for taking the time provide some feedback! 🐾

Thanks for playing!

We were running out of time so we weren't able to show indicators of what could be knocked down for each loop. During the "Down with the hoomans" objective, make sure to knock down all the humans. The last objective text didn't show up either, which should be something along the lines of "Time to knock down all the clouds."

I was stuck on the first level for so long because I didn't read the instructions carefully (e.g. the Loveland Frog Man can only have 3 of the 6 traits). 

But once I got the hang of it, everything just felt natural. Camera motions didn't give me motion sickness and were smooth af. The music/settings update when you progress further into the game / take a while was **chef's kiss**. Plus cryptids are cool and frogman is even better. AND THE POLISH?!?! Ugh, you folks are so cool.

Easily, my favorite game of the game jam so far. I'm definitely recommending this for my friends to play.

While playing, I thought "how is this not a farming simulator". It was nice and wholesome, then the switch happened and I was pretty shocked. Little did I know I was helping something else grow xD

Overall, great game and it fit the theme very well!

Thanks for playing! I would play and rate your game too, but I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat. It looks good though!

Love the concept and gameplay! Would love to keep playing more, but I couldn't get past how loud the sound effects were. The options sliders seemed to not work.

Such a simple mechanic, but you can do so much with it. I love it and the rest of the game design. It felt very rewarding to figure out how to finish a level.

I usually hate shooters, but I had so much fun with this one. The enemy AI was so smooth and the way you incorporated the theme was satisfying. The game gave great feedback for players and overall it just felt super good to play.

This game made me laugh so much! It's definitely a game I would share with friends. Such a good idea and execution of said idea.

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A fun twist / add-on to minesweeper! Although I enjoyed the switch between playing minesweeper and the turn-based combat, the gameplay got a bit tedious when I only had fake veggies to fight at the end and my attacks missed most of the time.

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Thanks for playing the game!

- (Bug): As stated,  player movement and NPC interaction worked only "when applicable". For instance, movement is only applied in Level 2 and Level 4, and NPC interaction is only allowed in Level 4. Sorry if the instructions were not clear enough. Now if you weren't able to move in Level 2 & 4, and hug the NPCs in Level 4, then that is a game-breaking bug that we sadly won't be able to fix until the judging period is over.

- (TW): Thank you! I'm really proud of it. I'd love to see more games include them as necessary.

-  (Lack of Depth) I enjoy talking about heavy topics, and using it as a chance for healing with compassion and kindness. It sounds great on paper, but it was very difficult to navigate and implement. Due to time constraints and not having a dedicated writer, we definitely had to simplify what we wanted to convey. If I were to explore heavy themes in the future, I would definitely consider teaming up with a writer or narrative designer, who is interested in making these types of narratives, so we can give the idea justice.

Thank you for the constructive criticism and I hope you were able to enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

Picala is such a cutie! She has such a great derpy face I love it >~<

The game also feels really cohesive and polished. The art and music/sound effects complement each other and blend well with the gameplay. It's just the right amount of scope for a game jam game. uwu
So close to beating the game, but the boss projectiles seem to trip me up so hard xD Either I don't see them or I try to dodge them, but hit the apple tree instead or something lol.

But yeah, it was a fun game! Really liked it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!
We implemented a resistance/weakness system so that certain toy spells were better for certain cat attacks. However, balancing the system as well as providing feedback to players in the given time frame of a game jam was a bit of a nightmare xD But yes, some toys (the first 2-3) are more favorable to use than others. (I personally like using the illusory kitten because the idea of throwing a smaller cat to tire out the bigger cat amused me lol).

And yes, while licks and furballs aren't too bad for us humans, they're very menacing to our teeny mouse sorcerer. ^^''

It's only an .exe file so I can't play it ;u;

Thank you~ >~<
Also to your p.s., I feel you ;u;

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I like dashing my way across the map. Was very fun owo

!!! Oooh should try that owo

Hmmm...can we give him other potions we can give him? 

Making the potion was so relaxing, I could just do that for awhile~
Pft also death and death to make an antidote...doesn't make too much sense, but that's what makes the ending so nice. Also  was there some text after the ending, but before getting taken to the main menu? Something flash by too quickly for me see or maybe my comp was trolling me.

Thank you uwu

It's out waaaah <3
Played it at SGDA and I had so much fun~
Now I get to play it at home.