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Picala is such a cutie! She has such a great derpy face I love it >~<

The game also feels really cohesive and polished. The art and music/sound effects complement each other and blend well with the gameplay. It's just the right amount of scope for a game jam game. uwu
So close to beating the game, but the boss projectiles seem to trip me up so hard xD Either I don't see them or I try to dodge them, but hit the apple tree instead or something lol.

But yeah, it was a fun game! Really liked it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!
We implemented a resistance/weakness system so that certain toy spells were better for certain cat attacks. However, balancing the system as well as providing feedback to players in the given time frame of a game jam was a bit of a nightmare xD But yes, some toys (the first 2-3) are more favorable to use than others. (I personally like using the illusory kitten because the idea of throwing a smaller cat to tire out the bigger cat amused me lol).

And yes, while licks and furballs aren't too bad for us humans, they're very menacing to our teeny mouse sorcerer. ^^''

It's only an .exe file so I can't play it ;u;

Thank you~ >~<
Also to your p.s., I feel you ;u;

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I like dashing my way across the map. Was very fun owo

!!! Oooh should try that owo

Hmmm...can we give him other potions we can give him? 

Making the potion was so relaxing, I could just do that for awhile~
Pft also death and death to make an antidote...doesn't make too much sense, but that's what makes the ending so nice. Also  was there some text after the ending, but before getting taken to the main menu? Something flash by too quickly for me see or maybe my comp was trolling me.

Thank you uwu

It's out waaaah <3
Played it at SGDA and I had so much fun~
Now I get to play it at home.