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There is, you only need to let the timer for the final choice at the docks run out.

Is this a normal occurrence? I only popped up for a quick check and one of my games had 17 views, and 93 downloads.

Was itchio experiencing network issues earlier today? I really can't fathom why or how else there'd be more downloads, along with the massive gap.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Has anyone else experienced this today?

Thank you for reading through, I'm aware that not everyone is willing to read stories with abuse. Strikes too close to home for some, and it's a subject no one really wants to witness even in fictional form.

Writing this helped me heal a little bit, so I do admit there's a bit of me in all 3 kids.  And I believe we can all agree that Thomas is on the right path.

I have good news. The bg artist has recovered and got a new computer as a Christmas gift, so he'll be able to continue work on the bgs. =3 (His previous one kept bluescreening and overheating.) Keep an eye out for a devlog sometime in January or February. (Giving some leeway cuz you never know.)

Hehehehehe. =P
I only added that tidbit as a way to say, "Hey, reader, we're making a bigger version."

Huzzah! Yes, come join us. >=3

Glad you didn't have too much trouble and had fun with it!

I shall do my utmost to make the commercial version even more enjoyable. (And rid the story of its plot bunnies.)

Again, our apologies. Don't worry, we still plan to release this the moment our bg/gui artist health recovers. (It, unfortunately, got worse. And I'm not going to be pushing someone over a small free project.) Even though it's taking over a  month, I did not make any changes or additions to adhere to the nano spirit.

I'll be sure to make a devlog to let you guys know when it's done!

Apologies for the long wait, bg/gui artist was having health issues. He recently got an ergonomic arm, and told me so far he's been experiencing less pain. Thank you for being patient thus far!

Glad you enjoyed it! And to explain the ending, I added it in the latest update as a way to let readers know, "Hey, we plan to make this into a commercial game with more story and love interests!" (Not to mention I can re-add the 3rd love interest we had to cut and explain certain details I was unable to.)

It's still being written, so there probably won't be any updates on the Discord or Newsletter for some time.

What I can say though, is that the "climax" scene where the three of them are running down the hall? That's no longer the climax. And only one of them makes it out.

If she wants to save them, she's going to have to go back inside.

All by herself.


You're welcome!

Don't worry about that, it simply means that in the future if I use point and click features again, I should let you readers know.

Glad you enjoyed both of them! Hopefully, the nano we created this year (Amiralo the artist from What's Your Name asked me to make one more with her.) will be finished within the month. Gui/BG artist is having health problems, so only uploaded a preview.

Once that nano's complete, I'll be getting back to work on my current  project. =P

Seeing it's been over a  year I'll tell you how to get the other ending. =P

There will be 3 scenes where you'll see the timer go down. In each one you have to click an object.

At the playground, click on the baseball.

In the playroom, click on the bag.

Then in Molly's bedroom, click on the bunny partially hidden underneath the bed.

That's it!

Ahh, all righty then. You have the green light!

Thank you for the offer, but unfortunately I no longer have the files. They were on my previous laptop which is no longer works. (It was a pretty old laptop.) So there's no way for me to make any further updates.

Been years since then, the people involved are now in a much healthier relationship with their family. Still, was a story I felt that needed to be written, with its own little twist of course.

Unfortunately they were based off of people I know in real life. The world we live in, eh?

Amiralo is slowly but surely working on another project. I can't say when it'll be finished or released.  But when it does, look forward to it~

You're welcome~ And yeeeesss. Gooooood. That's what I waaaaant~

Ahh yes the art style. I'm well aware that readers tend to go more for either the anime style or cute looking ones. (As I am also guilty of that from time to time.) Glad you decided to give our vn a try and enjoyed it~

Glad you enjoyed it~ The second half was always how I planned the story to go back when I finished my first nano in 2015. (Fun Fact: Molly is a sequel to my very first nano where she's mentioned in the true ending. You won't find that nano here, I didn't have itchio yet.)

I wanted to have my final nano to be about her as a way to close things. So thank you for playing/reading. ^^

Found what was the problem, thankfully an easy fix. Will have new builds up in about 5 minutes or so. ^^

Strange, I'll try to figure out what's going on right now. Will reply once I fix it.

If you're able to get the rest of the endings without the walkthrough, that'll be a big accomplishment. (From me anyway since I don't explain any mechanics.)

I can only hope I can keep improving my writing to create even better stories.

It's easier for me to write characters with personality. And since there's 3 main characters, I didn't want them all to feel "samey". Plus the blank slate personality wouldn't meld well with any of the love interests in my perspective.

And to also reply to your other reply, I am keeping in mind how to create better tests. =3

All in all, good luck with reading the rest of the endings~

Don't worry, that and other unresolved bits will be answered. =3

We're working on a commercial version with a longer story to cover areas I couldn't during Nano, and more love interests.

I'm surprised you haven't been snatched up yet. (Unless you were pmed?) Composers and VAs are a rare find for nanos. Would you be interested in joining our group? Do know though it'll be a dark slice of life dealing with child abuse. If not, I hope you do have a successful nano~

Took care of it coding wise, doing a couple other tasks before uploading a new build. (It's an unfortunate side effect of Renpy's coding for looping sfx.)

We'll be sure to lower the volume in the next update!

Ahh, I removed/replaced those lines since they either felt out of place, unnecessary, or because of other changes made in other parts of the story. As it is now, it probably won't have any other edits in the story.

As for a sequel, there is something we've been working on. But won't be ready for quite some time.

And the heights, no official ones. (But small boy shall remain the shortest.)

Thank you for enjoying the game~ The entire team did their utmost best during those few weeks we had. (And yes, good, panic. Panic over the choices as the timer runs out! Mwuahaha.) Look forward to some good news a few months from now~

Yeah, I could've chosen more "general" answers to make it more smooth. At the time, I really wanted to avoid the usual "What is your favorite blahdy blah". So I ended up acting as if the characters themselves were writing out the answers. (Which in the long run isn't good, I understand that now.) It's another lesson I've learned, and something I will try to avoid doing again in the future.

If I ever make another vn that involve quizzes/creating a character, this is something I'll definitely keep in mind.

There will still be updates if bug fixes are needed and polishing it here and there. Other than that, there probably won't be any news until around Spring at the earliest.

Well I have good news then. We'll be uploading a Halloween update soon with some new scenes and sfx added in. (No new art though, she's been overwhelmed with work.) A small taste of what to look forward to once we finally announce the kickstarter. =P

How strange, I even opened up the latest version and the choice appeared for me. Hmm, try mixing up the first 3 choices so you don't end up locked on either the Trespasser's or Waite's routes.

We don't mind. No matter the media, there's always going to be those who simply don't enjoy it. For example, I myself couldn't get into Harry Potter. I did give it a try, because my younger siblings loved the series. But I could never get myself to enjoy it.

We are thankful that you did give it a try! And I will say that the other two protagonists are of a similar vein. Perhaps in the future I'll attempt a story suitable for a soft spoken protagonist. (But for now, the projects I'm working on wouldn't suit that type of character.)

I shall attempt to think of some recommendations. (Assuming that you haven't already played them over course. I have not personally played them yet, since been too busy.) For another horror romance, there is Pinewood Island. (Not free though.) If you prefer something free, there is also CUPID. (Made in 2015, but still highly recommend it.)

May they wash away the disappointment~

Another satisfied reader, always make us smile~ Apologies for the rush, but hopefully in the future we can fix that. =3 Look forward to the update!

All in due time, glad you enjoyed it so much!

Ahh, my apologies. The link to the walkthrough was the word "here" itself. Will possibly update the summary in the future so it's easier to find.

Glad you enjoyed our project!

Amiralo will be happy to hear that. ^^

Glad you enjoyed it! The entire team put our all into it, even though we missed the nano deadline. (And apologies for the non-stop walking bug, we only caught that a couple weeks ago. It'll be fixed in the 3.0 build which we were still scouring for bugs. Quite a few floaty faces.)

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this nano. =3