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You're welcome!

No, it's not a demo. It's a fully completed kinetic novel. There are no choices and only one ending.

Very interesting way of showing the fog, was very surprised to see it animated. (And with how it was done, give off an unsettling vibe.)

The lip syncing was a nice touch as well. Although I am unsure if it's supposed to happen all the time, or only sometimes.

A nice start to setting up the story for things to come. I was saddened once I reached the end. I'm quite curious as to where you'll take the story, considering that it IS Junji Ito inspired. (The Enigma of Amigara Fault's ending still haunts me.)

I'm looking forward to seeing this completed. =3

You're welcome! And don't worry, that particular pair will certainly have a happy ending~ (*coughsmaybecoughs*)

Another project is planned that'll reveal more about the world, but won't be worked on for quite a while. (All in due time. =3)

Daww, glad you enjoyed it~

Eeyup! I do have a couple projects in the works, they just won't be finished for quite a while.

And yes, he is indeed very sweet~

You're welcome~

Okay I have found and fixed the problem (along with a couple others, wondering why Lint didn't catch them before.) Thanks for letting me know! I'll be uploading the new build momentarily!

Here you go!


Strange...I'll give it a looksy and try to fix it later when I get back on my old laptop. (It's where the script is stored.)

Glad you enjoyed it, and that you liked how there was more than one heroine. =3 And yes, the Merman. That final choice. XF


*insert broken record saying that I'm glad you enjoyed it* (We really are though! Amiralo and I worked hard while having fun creating this nano. =3)

Don't worry, I do plan on continuing it sometime in the future. (Considering 2 stories even, but not set in stone yet since it'll be quite some time until I work on them.)

Ooh, I'd LOVE to see your lizard man! =3 (I wonder what type of lizard he is, soooo many kinds~) Oh wow, that's so nice of you~ I'll be sure to keep you in mind in the future!

None can resist the cuteness of the merman~ (And you can never know what lengths can go to for LURVE >=3)

I do eventually plan on making a sequel to reveal more about the MCIP itself. =P Buuuuut I have other things to work on first.

Ahh yes, the merman's final choice. His ending is the only "tricky" one hahahaha. I feel like a broken record at this point, but I am honestly glad when anyone enjoys my stories! And I'm pretty sure Amiralo feels the same when people say how much they love her art!

(And yes, obvious answers are obvious. XDD So pure otome lovers can enjoy a non-horror ride with no worries. =P)

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed it! Gotta love those twists~ (And first time I've ever seen a...quintuple post. XD)

Daawww~ Glad you enjoyed it! And I couldn't have made it without Amiralo's help. (The art, filtering my bgs, helping me search for music, about a third of the music in the game was found by her.)

I shall try once I get a new computer! (This one is on its last legs, and don't want to risk losing progress.)

Hahaha, yeah, most of the bad end answers are preeeetty obvious. =P

Yeah, romance is a bit fast since each date takes place within a day. (Heck, just a few hours really.) And dang it, just shows that Word is terrible at its job. (Amiralo and I went through the script so much gah.)

The 3 girls were originally just one person. The decision to make them different people came way later. (And at that point I was too exhausted to rewrite the story since it was already done and needed to start on bgs. So them being the same-ish is my bad.) As for the quiz, I didn't want to put those generic questions. So obvious answers it was hahahaha.

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind next time I write a story and work on a new vn.

You're welcome!

You're welcome!

The 3rd choice is letting the timer run out. 0 = Do nothing.

You have to let the timer run out. And yes, there are 3 good endings total. =3

Glad you enjoyed it so much! I might create another story taking place in this world. Whether it'll be another vn or a novel itself, is another thing. (But I am considering "continuing" this. Only more focused on the MCIP itself then the blind dates hahaha.) And yes, those mythical creatures are easy to offend. XF Really fills me with joy when others are satisfied with what I create~ Really helped when Amiralo edited the story. Gave it more oomph!