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Glad you enjoyed it! And to explain the ending, I added it in the latest update as a way to let readers know, "Hey, we plan to make this into a commercial game with more story and love interests!" (Not to mention I can re-add the 3rd love interest we had to cut and explain certain details I was unable to.)

It's still being written, so there probably won't be any updates on the Discord or Newsletter for some time.

What I can say though, is that the "climax" scene where the three of them are running down the hall? That's no longer the climax. And only one of them makes it out.

If she wants to save them, she's going to have to go back inside.

All by herself.


Ahaha.. going back inside all alone eh :'D 

Excuse the late reply- but thanks a lot for replying and clarifying it! And not to worry, take all the time you need and make sure to not overwork yourself >< Your wellbeing comes first okayy