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Okay soooo I just played this and, the plot is nicely done. I teared up when we went to the past and learnt of the truth. I'm not good at words but- I really loved EDDA Cafe. It's totally refreshing after playing other heavy VN consecutively.

Also !! Loved that little surprise at one of the end. It's a beautiful coincidence that I've been wanting that cake for a while now T^T +The arts are extremely adorable and pleasing to look at too! Really lovely~

Hii there ! I played the game and it was pretty good. Gotta admit I'm kind of proud I managed to unlock all 3 endings on my own :'D I also teared up at one of the ending- that was a good twist. I just have one thing to point out thoughh, you know how Sumito 'falls' off the high building in the beginning, and also a few other times... I think it would be better if you add a warning for future players just in case it might trigger their anxiety(?) ;; At least for me- I had to mute my speaker a few times to avoid it as the sound of 'landing on the ground' bothered me. The haunting bgm too, made me feel as if there would be a jumpscare as I didn't know what to expect from this visual novel hehe... TvT But those aside, I overall enjoyed it~ Thank you for the visual novel! You did well *pats*

That was creepy- but nevertheless I loved how it goes! Managed to get both ending (and the CG scenes are pretty good I have to say).

I'm a bit sad for Seiji though.. that was tragic no matter how he was with her (considering that we don't know how he treated her; still... what takuya did to him ;;). I'm also sooo glad for the true ending! The neighbourhood was really helpful in order to maintain her safety. But it's true that even if the person who causes trauma on you has been captured, the trauma lives on inside your mind. It will always be there even if you might seem like you have overcome it. I like the how realistic it is. *thumbs up*

Ahaha.. going back inside all alone eh :'D 

Excuse the late reply- but thanks a lot for replying and clarifying it! And not to worry, take all the time you need and make sure to not overwork yourself >< Your wellbeing comes first okayy

I'm sure you'll manage to figure it out in a bit ^-^ All the best though! You have my support <3

Aaa I truly enjoyed this! The voice acting too- I can't help but try to mimic them (and failing miserably, but I had fun anywayy). As usual, I would always happen to get the 'normal' ending first which would be the banishment ending ;; Not that it's a bad thing though! At least it wasn't the wicked ending ahahah. The storyline was really interesting, getting to unravel the truth and know more about the demon prince. (Poor Asmodeus though, what happened to him and his wing was truly unfortunate. </3)

I just played it! For the first time I managed to get all endings with my own effort huhu ಥ_ಥ The illustrations are really lovely; I truly enjoy seeing such style! And although the game play managed to be done quickly by me, it was really good for your first game! (Who am I to comment much when I have never done my own other than just writing stories >﹏<) 

If I may suggest though, perhaps in your next game you could add an ending section so that players can keep track of the endings that they have achieved? :o There were only 3 endings for this, so it was manageable to keep a track on >< but if you were to have more than that, it would be slightly harder I suppose ;; Nevertheless, congrats on such a wonderful first game! <3

I'll admit, when I first saw 'paranormal encounters' in the description, I was immediately hesitant to try this out hshs. Yes, I misunderstood it as I have been playing some slightly horror games earlier But yes- after a bit of reading the comments and having some time to myself.. I decided to give this a go!


I have no regret.

Truly loved it! I was a crying mess too because of the endings. It is what I would call, bittersweet as... you know how the endings are like </3 It was short, but full of impact for sure. I'm happy to have discovered this game and being able to play it! (and Caleb's route.. aaaaaa I can't ;; I do love Orion's route too though! each of them have a spot in my heart, in their own way~)

It took quite a while but ahhhh that was really something >< It surely gave me the chills, especially with the SFX. You did extremely well with describing the horror/death events!

*kind of spoiler-ish if you haven't played or gotten the true ending?*

I have a confusion though- I am not certain if I missed some details or failed to understand fully (and I will try to go through it again sometime later!)

But what really happened in the true ending omg T^T

To be exact- what really happened to the two love interests that the 'unknown' future love interest had to remind Luana of the reality? or perhaps- that will be unveiled in the future.. (or I missed on understanding some parts hshs) That bit was really sad; after all, it's called the true ending for a reason :'D

Nevertheless, splendid job to everyone involved in making this nano a success! You all certainly pulled it off. I'm not a fan of horror genre, but this definitely is up to my liking and made me willing to go through all those horror anyway :p <3

I agree with you! That was really wholesome :'D

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Thank you so much ! T^T

To be very honest- I wasn't even aware that we can click on an object and there was a timer >.> Somehow I managed to get through the playground and playroom part though; which made me think I had to keep on replaying until Thomas gets it right hshs I'm dumb-

But once again thank you for the help! I really enjoyed the game
 ^-^ I actually first played 'What's Your Name?' before I played this one, and it was really nice too! Keep going, you have my full support <3

Ahhh I just started playing but it seems to me that I only managed to get 1 ending despite replaying it countless times ;; (playing on windows) It is great but I'm not sure what else can I do to get another ending :')