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We don't mind. No matter the media, there's always going to be those who simply don't enjoy it. For example, I myself couldn't get into Harry Potter. I did give it a try, because my younger siblings loved the series. But I could never get myself to enjoy it.

We are thankful that you did give it a try! And I will say that the other two protagonists are of a similar vein. Perhaps in the future I'll attempt a story suitable for a soft spoken protagonist. (But for now, the projects I'm working on wouldn't suit that type of character.)

I shall attempt to think of some recommendations. (Assuming that you haven't already played them over course. I have not personally played them yet, since been too busy.) For another horror romance, there is Pinewood Island. (Not free though.) If you prefer something free, there is also CUPID. (Made in 2015, but still highly recommend it.)

May they wash away the disappointment~

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First of all, I wanted to thank you replying to me, and doing so really kindly! Secondly, thank you for the recommendations! I'm in the midst of plating CUPID, and I'll definitely check out the other game you recommended. Have a great day!