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tell me your secrets plzzz I need to get marriedto this lil guy

lmao same

can u pls tell me how you got that ending?i got an MC death ending :(


I just finished this for the first time.

and.... I might be in love with death.

I truly felt like I was talking to a real reaper on discord. this mf made me BLUSH


I got Ending 2 where MC dies and leaves Casper alone. I AM IN SHAMBLES

pls someone tell me how to get a better ending ohmygod I am crying

I was not expecting a homestuck reference in 2024 but here we are

managed to bypass it by running the game through the app instead of a local download. maybe death is trying to get to me as well lol

I'm trying to run it on my pc but get a Windows Security warning, saying this app may harm my PC.... anyone got this problem too and knows what causes this? 


I can't wait for the full game to come out! I've already played GS and Changeling (both were AMAZING) but this game is just up my ally! I can't wait to romance Yren ;)

143 I love you!

screaming, crying---

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I just found out that the game stopped updating... I'm a little heartbroken now. This game has been my entire life since the initial release, and I even have stickers and postcards of Ren that I won in the Halloween Tumblr giveaway about 1-2 years ago- all hanged on my wall to this day! it makes me really sad, but I trust the devs to make an amazing new experience for us with "The Mars Notes"! This game will always be in my heart, and forever changed me as a person <3 and of course, I'll always have my little Ren shrine no matter where I go. Thank you for the amazing experience you gave us, and I can't wait for what's to come! 

edit: still can't forgive you for leaving us on a cliffhanger...): maybe you can tell us the end/general direction the story was supposed to take, someday? because I would love to know what you had in mind!

another note: I have a sticker of the TND logo on my laptop (: can you tell how obsessed I am loll

same here ):

omg I'm so excited

This game changed me. I think about it everyday since it was first released as a demo. It's all I talk about help lmaooo /lh 

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ok the names of the save files crack me up every time, this time it's early 2000's emo songs (such as welcome to the black parade, misery business, and bring me to life)

devs, I love you for this sole reason, you're the funniest!!

edit: and "wake me up when september orion ends", thnks fr th mmrs..... this is a throwback,,, and IWSNT

I don't think I can even count them all, just please look at your save files' names and you won't regret it

edut 2: devs are you ok-

I'm so thrilled to see you pulled through and posted an update, can't wait to play!! Thank you for all your hard work, devs! we love you 

Oh, you're right, they are quite similar! I'm also really happy to see all the hype and excitement  (:

I love this DLC so much, can't wait for the step 3 one! I will probably buy the step 1 DLC as well because I just want all the content there is, and I also want to support you guys!

I'm so excited for this new update! Can't wait so see a bit of my MC on the CGs!

I'm currently playing the latest version and I found this bug:

ooooh a great choice👀 I will be definitely looking forward to seeing it (hearing it??) in the game~

I just finished playing the demo and OMG it's amazing! The art is just stunning and I love the stat system. And the characters, oh the characters... I have a HUGE crush on both Rheala and Arien (and the tiniest crush on Kai haha)!! The world-building and magic system are also super interesting. Can't wait to see more of it!

now as for bugs- there is one bug that makes the characters' mouths disappear when they're talking.

The art looks absolutely stunning omg!   

Playing this while listening to sea shanties is just an amazing vibe (I would suggest "Soon May The Wellermen Come")

I'm so excited! I've been here since practically the start, the release of episode 4 (of the free version ofc) or so, so I'm so happy to see how far the game has come!  I already purchased the 5$ version so this one is going to be amazing I suppose. Can't wait!!

Who did this to my baby June???  I sure do hope they can run fast enough

yeah probably

what? no of course not... where did I say you have to buy anything lol

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I found something a little weird in step 3... I chose for Cove to be without his glasses, but in the CG after the ORCA event, he appears with glasses. Is it a glitch or something? thanks in advance

edit: same for the CG in the car during "drive"

I've finished step 2 (after impulsively buying the DLC in the middle of the night) and I'm currently in the middle of step 3! I can't wait for the release of the step 3 DLC!

10000/5, I would like to play this game for eternity, please and thank you

I just came here after the reference in Our Life! these little references to you other games give me life haha! I might just need to replay this game ~ 

OMG those are Shiloh and Jeremy from Our Life 😭😭

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Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!!

oh my goodness. I love Cove so much. 

1. Ace representation- on point! thank you!

2. I just want this to be my life aaaaa

I'll come back with a more coherent review once I finish the VN :)

oh ok, thank you!

Hi! I just wanted to ask what gender the main character is? Is it chosen by the player or is it predetermined? I don't think it was touched on in the description- correct me if I'm wrong!

Anyways, the game looks so cute!

I just finished the game and I must say... Wow. I thought it was going to be a short and sweet game, I didn't have my expectations very high, but this has surpassed anything I've thought previously. The art, the music, the story, the characters, the overall atmosphere... amazing!! I'm a huge history and fashion history enthusiast, and I must say how impressed I am with all the research you've done, especially regarding the clothing! And as an artist, I must admit that I love your art style so much, it's so expressive, unique and aesthetically pleasing, I just adore it!

Truthfully, I was so scared that I'm going to make the wrong choices and get executed, but the plot twist and the fact that I was able to run away safely with Diego and my dearest Jupiter has made me so happy! It was the ending I strived to get. Yes, I did have to stab Cormwell, but it was especially pleasing to piss Henry off, since he definitely deserved it. Also, I was so happy to see that I was on good terms with Agnes- she honestly deserved better, I truly love her. Same for Margaret- such a strong character, and I was happy to be on good terms with her as well. Regarding Diego, I absolutely love his character! I did tell him that I love him, which is exactly what I wanted, and I do appreciate the fact that you don't have to sleep with him in order to be his lover; as an asexual, I thank you for that!

And lastly... Jupiter, the best dog ever! I love him so much, and my love for dogs certainly was satisfied. Thank you for adding this good boy to the game! 

I'm sorry for rambling, I just felt so much while playing this game, I  just had to get it out!

amazing game, absolutely recommended!  

5/5 stars!

can't wait to see more games from you! :)

Damn I didn't check the topics on here for like, a month, and now we have murder-related conspiracies?? wth is going on😭