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damn you're spoiling us I swear

episode four in June's route just broke my heart but warmed it at the same time. Damn, I love this boy so much and I will always protect him I swear 😭 Also, I kinda like Vexx and Damon now, they might be assholes but after this episode they definitely deserve a hug,,, Can't wait for the next episode! 

and all the muffin man references, I swear to god I love those devs

I just played the demo, and I must say that I liked it! The horror elements were done in tastes and the characters are wonderful- I would also like to add the the visual design of the game is stunning, really gets you into the mood of the game. I think Tristin is my current favorite, although Brenton was cute as well. Can't wait for the whole game! 

oh, thank you!

So I was checking the prices of Shinji's route during the summer sale on both Steam and, and found that the Steam version is way cheaper than the one here- on here it costs 4.36$ I think, while on Steam it costs only 1.59$- what's with that? Is there a difference in versions or something? Thanks in advance! 


The last update was released 6 months ago... I hope we'll get an update, at least some sort of life update soon. I just want to know what's up with the game and the dev team, are they okay, and will they continue to update this VN?   

I'm so excited, can't wait! I'm just in love with this VN. Love you, guys, you did (and still do) an amazing job with this game!

oh, thanks!

just a question, is the sex scene skippable? (I'm just not really into that, I'm asexual) thank you in advance!

thanks you so much!

Can I play this game without playing the first one? Or should I play the other one first in order to understand the story? Thanks in advance!

oh my god, child Ren 😭❤️

oh my god I love Rory, can I please give him a hug or something? I think he needs it

oh ok, thanks!

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So many updates! I haven't played it yet but I'm sure it's amazing!

edit: I literally just loaded the game to look at the characters' profiles, and OMG Lance is such a cutie I love him so much 😭 I can't believe his route is locked at the beginning :(

oh god nooo

Wow!! this update is just amazing!! You guys are amazing

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It's totally ok! Take your time and get the break you need- you deserve it! And thank you for episode 6- we appreciate all the hard work you put into the game. I would wait as long as needed for new updates, but the more important thing is that you get your well-earned break <3

I think think the concept is super interesting! I played the game in one go using the guide ( I just love getting things 100% right, I have to to have it perfect lol) and it was a really fun experience! I went for 4/5 good ending and I was satisfied. The characters all have a really cute design, and I loved the horror elements thrown in. Overall, a good experience and an interesting game! Good job~

omg I knowww I stated laughing so hard I almost woke up the whole house I swear, and omg is he a precious cinnamon roll

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I just finished episode 5 and I'm just at a loss of words. what do I do with myself now. REN DESERVES BETTER AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, AND THAT CLIFFHANGER AT THE END, I-

******************spoiler alert**************

excuse me you Billie Eilish looking b***, where is Ren and what did you do to him, I *will* fight you, give him back RIGHT NOW or I will cry and my MC will kick your ass please return him immediately, thank you

Also, thanks for playing on my heartstrings like a violin, dear devs, I will proceed to stare longingly at the Ren postcards I have hanging on my wall and cry 👉👉

OMG Ren is so cute, thank you 🥺 you just made my day, I swear x

Thanks for the explanation!

So in my last playthrough, in version 2.0, I got Cove to be athletic, and now in my newest playthrough, I got Cove to be academic. I played both playthroughs about the same. Any idea on how it happened? And if there's any way to know the outcome of my choices in that sense? I really want to get athletic Cove once again (what could be better than a cute and shy athlete??). Thanks in advance!

I love the new design! Can't wait to see it in the game!

I KNOW, RIGHT? This game is just amazing,,,

I was just refreshing the page to see if there were any updates! Can't wait to play it tonight ,,

that's so cool! Thank you for making this game, I really love the demo!

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A game about books? with a customization system?  Based on Jane Austen's books??? Is this a dream come true or something?? I'm going to play the demo right away-!

edit: I wonder which character is which... I can see that Carlos and Will are based on Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, I think at least

edit 2: So I just figured out that the game is called Steventon Street after the village Steventon in Hampshire, where Jane Austen was born (another nice detail is the book store's default name being Pemberley),,, Sorry, I'm a huge Jane Austen nerd😭 

OMG I'm so happy 😭 I've been checking the page almost every day to see if there are any new updates, and now I'm just so excited! 

I hope everyone is safe and healthy, take care ya'll xx

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Hey, no problem! I'm really glad you enjoyed my recommendations (if you want another one, Changeling is one I recently became addicted to too, oops!) 

In Dark Nights, I think you were referring to Zeikun? Because if so, omg yes! He's my favorite too ^^

I hope you're safe and healthy, and I hope you'll have one hell of a time playing these games! sending love xx

edit: Wilder is another great one, there are two routes out currently (Ran's story and Bahadur's story), I hope I'm not bombing you with too much recommendations or anything lol 

This looks so cute, and since I have nothing to do these days (aside from online homework and assignments, but we don't talk about it), I think I'm going to buy this game! We'll see how it goes,,

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I still have the old version of the game, and now I have a good excuse to buy the new version. Can't wait to meet my boi Omen again in this time of need 😭

SAME. I get you so much :0 June is such a sweetheart xx

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Yes, the game will save! All the save files will stay there so you can continue to play from where you stopped :)

thanks! I'll try opening a new save file- and thanks again for the quick response!

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Hi, I'm on Windows 10 and I just got a message saying "an exception has occurred". After pressing "ignore", the game crashes and a text files pops up saying the following: 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/common.rpy", line 7025, in <module>
  File "game/screens.rpy", line 397, in phone
NameError: global name 'phoneInfo' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Changeling\renpy\", line 306, in bootstrap
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Changeling\renpy\", line 513, in main
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Changeling\renpy\", line 139, in run
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Changeling\renpy\", line 846, in run_context
  File "common.rpyc", line 7025, in script
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Changeling\renpy\", line 862, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Changeling\renpy\", line 1888, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/common.rpy", line 7025, in <module>
  File "game/screens.rpy", line 397, in phone
NameError: global name 'phoneInfo' is not defined

ChangelingBeta 3.2
Wed Mar 18 00:28:49 2020

What can I do? I won't let me continue playing... Which I'm bummed about since I just bought the game :(

thank you in advance x

edit: it's important to add that I'm using an older save file from when I played the demo- if I start a new save file, will it help?

I really loved the intro, can't wait for more of it! You know I love my boy Connor