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I really liked the demo, it was super interesting, and the art style was amazing. I'll be waiting for the full game!

I have one absolute favorite and it's Omen! I just love him so much. Who's yours? 

I just finished the older version from 2014, and I am blown away. This game just got to me, got me so emotional and just... wow. Trash is such a lovable character, he slowly grew on me and I'm so proud of him, he deserves all the love and happiness in the world. I'm at loss of words, which doesn't happen very often. The art, the atmosphere, the writing, the plot itself... It was all so perfect, so intriguing, I just couldn't get my mind off of this game since I started playing it. I'm definitely going to buy the redux version, just because the og one was just that amazing. Wow. 5/5. No, you know what, 100/5. perfect. This game was perfect. 

Also, where  can I post fanart for the creator to see? I drew my MC Juniper and I'm planning to draw Trash (ma boy)

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I've been waiting for so long, always checking in daily to see if a new chapter was uploaded, I can't wait to go and play OMG!

edit: ok shit I just finished the episode. I needed this fuzzy warm time with Omen, so thank you. Damn, It felt so... short. But so good and intense. Oh my god. Amazing. AAAAAh. 

Omg I didn't even notice

I just finished the game for the third time, and it was super interesting and overall really good! I got the "bang" ending the first time, then went back a little and got the "shiritori" end, but I wasn't quite satisfied, so I downloaded the ending guide and replayed, coz I really wanted to get the "sequel bait" ending, which was the most satisfying in my opinion!

spoilers ahead!!

The game was great and sparked some "what would I do?" questions in me. My favorite of the two men was, as you can see by the endings I chose, Alto. He was an interesting character, and I would describe him as "lawful good". I liked the grey-ness of the MC, I liked how based on the player's choices, you can change their personality and even, by some extent, their sense of humanity. As a fan of the game "Detroit: Become Human", I really appreciated the morality of the character that is determined by the player. Will MC stay a machine, designed to accomplish a task? Or will they choose to be a living being, endowed with free will? (a partial quote from D:BH, btw)

a great game, overall. Short, but to the point. 5/5!~

I really liked the demo, and I was really excited for Shuye's route, but apparently the creators went MIA... So I won't be purchasing this game any time in the near future.  

I just finished the demo, and for the last few minutes I was murmuring "holy shit, holy shit..." to myself. This is one of the most amazing games I've played so far, it's AMAZING, from the characters, to the story, to the design and the narrative- it's absolutely flawless. Just-- take my money already, I'll pay you whatever you want. OMG.

Ok, I must admit that I hat low expectations for this game. Well, not so low, at least not very high? I just didn't think I would like it. But hot damn, was I wrong. I am blown away by this game, and it's only a demo.  I'm in love with this game, just wow. Can't wait for the full game, I'm so impatient, Definitely one of my favorites now! Mikali is such a sweet boy omg xx 

" With few friends and a non-existent love life, shes grown attached to the happiness brought by romance novels."

"...her mundane days are interrupted the morning she stumbles across strikingly handsome, vaguely familiar men. After a second glance, it all becomes clear: her favorite characters are now real."

I want that too smh, why can't it happen in reality

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Ok so I have one problem-- I want to date Scion/Eir, but it's not possible so I'm sad ): 

edit: what I mean is that I wish there was an option to play as a third party, not Scion or Exalt, where you can actually choose to romance one of them

idk I'm just lonely and desperate 

I love this game but I hate being the bad guy, I just want Rosa and everyone to be happy :(

I seriously need more of this game- absolutely AMAZING 


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I just love this game so much. The visuals, the sound, the characters, the art, the writing- amazing! I just love everything about this game. I'm so impressed. Can't wait for the next update!

edit: I love the fact that the kingdom's name means "Hell". Really adds to it lol

OH MY LORD my heart aches but  I am happy and impatient for chapter 9. I need more of my little Omen ):