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Oh haha. I buy difficulty++ upgrades everytime for extra coins. Thanks for clarifying this.

Hello. I just wanna point out some problems. With the void shortcut blessing, sometimes when you die and retry, you spawn back at the first level. Also with the void shortcut, the 2 bosses in these levels behave a bit differently with regards to their patterns in their early phases.

Oh ok. That changes the perspective if that’s the case.

This game is incredible. This is not just some casual indie game that I'll delete after playing it. I'm determined to complete it and try my hand at a speedrun.

I like the gameplay. It's really challenging and engaging. This game fits so well with the theme. I also like the retro aesthetics.

Nice presentation. Although the tutorial didn't really fit the entire screen so I had no idea how to play it. I just know wasd. S for somehow rolling and w for jumping.

Nice game. As one of the comments said, it becomes a bullet hell because you can't really do much with the pulling mechanic. It's too dangerous compared to just outright avoiding it.

Thanks. After this jam ends, I'll work on the music and polish the gameplay.

Yeah that's true. The gameplay isn't balanced. I'll try to fix it after the jam.

Python - pygame

Also, I really like your game’s concept. Nice consistent art style too

Thanks for playing. I’ll try to add sounds after this jam and maybe balance the gameplay a bit. 

I agree that the gameplay lacks depth and purpose. That was my mistake to not focus on gameplay for the jam. I focused more on presentation that the gameplay was a last ditch effort done a day before the end of the jam.

Lol. You could destroy them with the sword and heal yourself. I agree though. It’s still not tuned. The flight strategy is too op if you have tried it.

Gameplay is lacking although the graphics are good.

Nice game. Addicting gameplay. Good aesthetics.

Concept is good. Nice game

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Incredibly nice concept with great presentation. Good job

I don't get the mechanics but the shooting's fun

Name: Joe                   Score: 374

They will forever remember ol' Gunslingin' Joe and the terror he delivered upon those greedy creatures. Extraterrestrials not daring to say his name in fear of Gunslingin' joe's bullets.

This game really embodies the theme magnetic by using the attract and repel feature. Great game. When you start to see puzzle, that's when you enjoy it.

Nice animations. Although the presentation was lacking a bit, I feel like the concept has potential. Escaping from planet to planet.

I didn't really understand the mechanics lol. But pretty nice segregation game.

The gameplay was pretty confusing but this is a pretty polished game. Everything goes well together. The art and music.

I don't understand the gameplay but it's weirdly fun just trying to punch those that near the flag. The aesthetics are really good. And the music too

I could feel Gauss's fury. Burn my heart! TEAR MY SOUL TO PIECES! ROOOOAAAAAARRRRR

Great gameplay. Pretty addictive

Great gameplay. Pretty addictive

really good game. Aesthetics are great and the gameplay matches well with the theme

Best 1: 09

Wew that was a big fucking crane indeed. Nice game

Thanks for the review. Maybe I'll polish it after the jam

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thanks! Although, the presentation is lackluster... I’ll watch ur vid later. Gotta do calculus now T-T . If you have time, you could play my other game Remnant I’m pretty surprised and hopeful about this. 

Noice. I like the art style. It's so consistent. Gameplay feels smooth. Very polished.

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This is great. It's so polished. The artstyle is so consistent. And the gameplay is so smooth

Thanks for playing. Yep I agree, it's so unresponsive lol. The jumping is clunky

This is really good. The concept and presentation is mwah *chef's kiss. The art and the smooth animation. The music. Ohhhhhhhh

Gud animations. The music got me hyped up like I was Rocky Balboa doing the jogging scene where everyone just joins him

There’s an interval to the tiles’ attacks. You could spam it on some sort of rhythm but if you miss the rhythm, you’ll get hit. I’ll probably make an endless mode by making that rhythm faster... Maybe harder to predict.

thanks! This is my first published game and I feel there’s potential although the execution was sloppy since I’m inexperienced. I might pick it up again

Yeah I realized that just after submissions. You could download the standalone version if you want. If you actually downloaded the standalone one, then that means I truly messed up the tutorial. Anyways, Thanks for playing!

Remnant is a game I made for the mini jam 103: Darkness. It features a unique board gameplay.

As some have suggested during the game jam, I put tutorials in the starting section of the game. Still 5 levels though but I'm planning on making an endless mode. 

The jam version is still available on the game page but if you want to get the updated one, just download instead of