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While waiting for replies here, you could also join our Pygame Community Discord Server and ask in #jam-team-creation. 

There are already people there who are interested in forming a team.

Damn this game slaps. I'm all for RPG Billiards man

Really cool concept for the game. You even added lore to it. Nice

Oh damn I think I forgot to cap the music time on beepbox

Hello. PETA just received complaints about uhh. let's see. A beaver allegedly being overworked? Can you please cooperate with our investigation?

Hi. I'm pro submarine explorer. Good game spent 30 minutes thinking upcoming jumpscare because big map. 

Pro submarine explorer sign off

Yeah. I don't think it's actually challenging "hard". I just miscalculated the difficulty. As my skill level is the one being used to playtest this, you need to be within a very specific range of skill level. Once it's just a bit lower, it's hard and once your skill level is a bit higher, it's monotonously easy.  

I'm actually making another patch(? idk) for this so I'm trying to make that difficulty scalable. I get the feeling that it's even harder than the original but at least it's more consistent... I think.

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I love this game. It's sooo good. The visuals, the music, the smooth freaking gameplay mphhhhh. I knew Celeste and Jump King would go hand in hand. I spent the last 30 minutes just  trying to do some cool stunts and chaining them to smoothly get to the highest level I could muster. For me, this is already the perfect game for this jam. 

Outside of the jam's criteria tho, I hope you add delta time integration and optimize the game. I think it's vital in such a mechanically-intensive game but I understand why you didn't care too much about that since you only got 1 week.

Ehehehe. That’s true. I overlooked the difficulty of the game. 

As for what you said about other games, for many of us, it’s usually very hard to tune the difficulty after developing and testing it ourselves in a very condensed time frame. It’s like having a highly-experienced player who understands the ins-n-outs of the game playtest it. Difficulty tuning is definitely a skill that takes experience especially without playtesters. 

I’ll try to learn from this and try to gauge the difficulty when developing games for jams next time. 

I’ll admit, the difficulty scaling was a big oversight. There are some cases where you don’t have a match at the start so the only path left is losing. I’ll try to implement some safenet at the start of the game after the jam.

Hello. I’ll only modify the game after the jam as that would be against the jam rules I think. The current game version submitted is the one that is being rated so it’s ok to rate it upfront without giving a chance to modify the game entries. With that being said, I’ll try to put on tutorials in the form of graphic hints after the jam if I have the time.

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For the beginning cases where there isn't a match, ...I simply did not take it into account ehehehehehehe. I was way too numb at that point and thought it was just natural to lose and try your luck next game. Damn you really have good ideas. Your misunderstandings are better than the current gameplay . I should've done that tile swap thing if you fail to pop a group of tiles.

You thought it was some high-iq heaven-breaking gameplay but it was me! Hooke' Law Enthusiast! Thanks for playing the game. I'll try to go for a full playthrough of all the games for this jam after my exams are done. 

when there aren’t any, you take the hit and form another 3 match by yourself ehehehe. 

As for the timer, yeah. I can’t gauge a proper difficulty bc I’m just numb at it at that point of the development process.

Bubble good

You could make another jump king with this. This was very but difficulty's good. Your pixel art, on the other hand, ... mwah! It looks so good especially tutorial = asset = good

2nd gameplay in and I'm loving the mechanics. I'm clearly the most talented dictator in this game. I shall deliver pizza onto these citizens!

I had a very different experience when I played your game compared to your description. I thought it was about some pizza rebellion

Dude, great freaking job with the art. I love how sudden the gameplay and the context are. I just played your game without focusing on your page and now I'm suddenly in some pizza land where I gotta throw pizzas at people and get their money once they die. Good thing I came to your page after that.

Really Cool Game dude. Although I'm not really good at it, the gameplay's really good. Now if only I can understand raycasting(i don't even know what the science of colliding particles is). Damn the 3d's awesome in this thing too. You also had a menu with prompts. This game's complete af

your page looks sooo gooood

copied from the rules:

“Additional libraries (OpenGL, Numpy, etc) and pre-existing generic code/engine (i.e. code that can be used in any game) are allowed, but substantial parts of the game code must be implemented using pygame. If possible, the pygame-ce fork of pygame should be used.”

Lezgooo pygame for the winnn

noice game but sometimes, the monk seems to be in heaven. How high up is he?

did u play the jam or the post-jam one?

Good game loop plus the polished menu.

When I first played it I wasn't expecting a full mind-bending 3d. Got scared and fascinated at the same time. Whew! That was an experience. Also, I saw the boss flying to the tv before fighting him. Damn, the level of detail.

Nice concept especially for the theme but there isn't any synchronization for the two dimensions. It's like you just play the top one and then the bottom one after. With good level design that takes advantage of that, this would be really nice. 

I couldn't beat it! Ahhhhhh!!!

The game was laggy but I think it's just for my pc. When it actually loaded well, it looked so good and clear. For a game made in a week, it looks so good

This has a really unique mechanic. How do you do the poison level?

Wow. Game feel is strong on this one. This is really good

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If I may, I'd recommend you check out Daniel Linssen's games. I'm fascinated by it. Especially Roguelight. For 2d games, the art is a masterpiece

Ok I'm fanboying. Might as well drop his whole arsenal

Also, I think he uses game maker 2 

Also it was made in python pygame.

...How did you complete everything without using jump... You could time your jump with the pulse to avoid getting hit. Anyways, I agree with you. The events and tutorials go too fast. The player has no control over its pacing. I'll try to involve the players more in the story and learning skills too. Thanks for playing.

Oh haha. I buy difficulty++ upgrades everytime for extra coins. Thanks for clarifying this.

Hello. I just wanna point out some problems. With the void shortcut blessing, sometimes when you die and retry, you spawn back at the first level. Also with the void shortcut, the 2 bosses in these levels behave a bit differently with regards to their patterns in their early phases.

Oh ok. That changes the perspective if that’s the case.

This game is incredible. This is not just some casual indie game that I'll delete after playing it. I'm determined to complete it and try my hand at a speedrun.

I like the gameplay. It's really challenging and engaging. This game fits so well with the theme. I also like the retro aesthetics.