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nice game! when you get to the end it gets kind of trippy imo lol

that depends on where you were, in the start of the level did that so players would be aware that a certain enemy was there (because he could 3-shot you if you didnt notice him), at the middle in the pipes section it’s just a coincidence since the see-range is actually a circle i manually tweak & i put the enemy near a wall for some reason, at the end it’s like that for the same reason i did it at the start

nice game! but i couldn’t figure out what to exactly do on level 2 lol, i broke the box on 1 of the guards holding the first light, the second i blocked with a regular box, but the 3rd i really didn’t know what to do with

thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the feedback!

i’ve never experienced that while play testing, can you tell me where you were when you got shot through walls?

hey, sorry for the late response!

i noticed that myself while testing lol, i couldn’t get the enemy’s gun to rotate like the player’s (it worked, until you got close to them at which the gun would go from side to side at light speed)

hey, sorry for the late response!

i tried your fix and it didnt seem to work, the player still ocassionaly clings to walls, i added a new physics material 2d with friction 0 to both the collider & the rigibody2d, but now it seems like the player is going through the wall a bit and comes back fast, which is pretty weird

hey bunnywife!

you must have winrar installed to open the windows build archive, you can install it @ here (direct link)

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thanks for the feedback!

i currently cant fix the build as i’m on another computer, but i planned on doing it after i return & about the timer, good idea and i dont know why i didnt think of that

nice game!

nice use of assets & good music choice

nice game, although as other comments say music could be added so the game doesn’t feel empty lol

this is an interesting concept, i know quite a few ways to irritate the staff myself lol

thats alright lol, we all faced mostly the same issues so don’t worry

the game looks pretty great and the music is nice aswell! i’ve noticed some repitition though and it’d be nice to have some variety in between levels, but other than that nice game!

thanks for the feedback!

there currently is a cooldown to the disguise, i don’t think its noticeable though unless you spam Q after it runs out

pretty nice game, nice job!

most art is spot on, the gameplay is pretty nice & half the time I didn’t even know where the enemies wouldn’t have come from, the music is pretty nice aswell

Hey, Wtd!

You're correct & I really wanted to implement more enemy types, but the deadline was near and I couldn't fully finish the game. However, I've added it to a list of post-jam updates.


So far there are 3 levels, which is the reason of the "press N  for next level" prompt not appearing. About the screenshake, I'll add an option to disable it soon and will tweak it myself after the jam is over.

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The game is pretty nice and fun, the sprite work & music are really good and I liked that short little story at the start, good game!

I'll be sure to play your game.
would truly appreciate if anyone could check it out lol

I can see lots of speedrun capabilities with this (probably because of the timer at the end too), so far really fun & good game, nice work!

I was attacked by a huge gorilla and loved it. The game is pretty fun, and seeing what will happen after every button press made it more interesting. The rotation speed however in my opinion could be tweaked a bit, other than that really nice game!

The game is pretty fun, but I really didn't know what to do in the first 2 minutes of playing the game. The gravity switch is a pretty nice idea aswell, good job!

This game is pretty good, but I'm pretty dumb so I couldn't get past the 6th level

appreciate it

Pretty nice game, good graphics, good audio & a good idea!

The graphics, sound & music are amazing!

The game is pretty fun, and I really love how you interpreted the theme & abbreviated CHAOS

I couldn't last 10 minutes in the game , I love it

Reminds me a lot of those "kill everything and everyone" flash games, nice work

I see how the game can be fun, although the period in which the crops go from needed to be watered to needed to be removed seems pretty fast. Other than that nice work!

would appreciate if you could check out my game

The game itself is fun & the graphics are amazing, but the lack of sound effects make the game feel a bit dull. From starting the game I also didn't really know what I had to do, but later on figured it out.

pretty fun game, nice work

i love it