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Nope. At some point I'll have to return and try.

Good idea. Like the use of the graphics assets and the music and SFX fit well. Nice to have upgrade options.

Thanks for playing, the feedback, and for the bug report! I'll have to address that lock problem with a second "R" press.

Yeah, time got away from me on the rage concept. I had planned to build the ability to "rage", then let loose with it and Snowy would stomp and yowl and there'd be screen shake and it'd wreck every piece of equipment on-screen at the time. Just never got it implemented. Then you'd have to wait to build rage again before being able to do it again.

Enjoyable game. Yeah, there are some issues that need to be ironed out, but very playable, looks and sounds great. Loved the cats vs. cucumbers concept. Maybe that's what my cats are having nightmares about when I see them twitching while they're sleeping? Nice job.

I like the concept and the art style. Plus anything with cats/kittens in it, well, I just had to check it out. I hope you continue working on it.

Nice, chill game. Liked the simple controls. Looked clean. Good job.

Unique idea. I enjoyed playing and would play again. Nice work.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. Pressing the "Q" key let's Snowy run "quicker". I'd have done "R" for "run" but I had used that for "rage". In hind sight, I should've just defaulted to the quick (run) and scrapped the walk/run idea. Originally the quick (run) was going to be a power-up to pick up along the way but I didn't get to that so it was available without the power-up. Just ran out of time to tweak on difficulty and features, etc..

Right on the theme, looks great, music and sound are right on, and play is fun. Nice job!

This game is a nice, relaxing change that meets the theme. Nice job, and nice use of the Kenney 1-bit pack. The only thing that would've made it better is some background music and maybe some SFX. But nice job!

I enjoyed the game. Those lobbers (magicians) were my downfall. Nice job.

Loved the artwork and the simple click, drag and drop mechanic. Enjoyed playing. Nice work.

Enjoyed the game. Looks great, nice aesthetic. Nice job!  I, too, was doing the jam while working a full-time job, and know what you mean about wanting to add and fix things. Never enough time no matter how long the jam.

Really nice job for doing this in 10 days in a new game engine! This is my type of game, one I enjoyed and would play again. Only thing I missed was some way of keeping a score, something like the amount of time it took for the tower to fall so I could see if I could keep the tower defended longer the next time.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it! I definitely have plans to expand on the game in the future. I've got a full-time job plus I'm in the middle of another personal game dev project, so possible after I finish the other game dev project. Thanks again!

"At least you didn't die of dysentery." LOL. Must not have been on the Oregon Trail. Nice game, I enjoyed. 

I really enjoyed the game, nice job. Really liked the music, did you make it? Like others mentioned, maybe giving the car a "turbo boost" feature and a "run" option for the player would be a nice add later on. I also found I was able to do some unexpected things with the car by combining movement keys (i.e. car pointing right while it's moving down). But again, I think this has been one of my favorites between the music and the relaxing vibe. Oh, and the "looser" comments from the other cars was funny. Great job!

This is a fun and quirky game. The sound was good. The comments when items were successfully picked up were a good humorous addition. Nice job!

"Cool" game :). I saw something with snow and just had to play it. It would've been nice to have the "W" key allow some type of ski braking (snowplough, wedged, etc.) to slow down a little, but that might make it too easy. Anyway, just a thought. I still enjoyed flying down and exploring the slopes. Nice entry.

Looks very good and makes the theme but it was a bit too hard for me. Some music and/or sound would've been nice too. But still, an impressive showing for 48 hours. Nice job!

Great little game. Really liked the lighting effect. The music was good too... got a kick out of the piano hit when the player fails. Great job!

Thanks for giving it a play. Hoping to finish this up after voting ends. I over scoped really bad this jam and it ended up biting me. Live and learn. Hopefully next year I'll be able to do Kenney Jam again and will size my game right. Enjoyed your game BTW.

I like any game with an animal, especially a cat. Missed having some music and SFX but certainly understand the time constraints might have prevented that. Would've been helpful if there was an arrow or something that pointed toward the old man's home to help the kitty find its way back. Great job overall.

Wow, really nice. Saw your comments about audio, and yeah, would've been nice. But the rest is outstanding.

Enjoyed this game, truly meets the theme of exploration. Sound is right on. I loved the various Kenney assets that float by at random times. Very nice!

Nice platformer. Fun to play. Oh, the horror when taking out those enemies! :)

Nice platformer. Fun to play. Oh, the horror when taking out those enemies! :)

Very nice game.

Nice job.

Wow, this is really well executed, polished and enjoyable to play. The music is great as are the sound effects. Wonderful use of Kenney assets. The only critique I'd have is one that's already been shared, that I'd lose track of the little guy behind the tall columns. Perhaps in those cases you could add an arrow pointing down above where the barrel player is located. Great job!

Nice platformer. Good job with the theme and using Kenney assets. Nice entry.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Nice little relaxing, puzzle, adventure game. Great use of Kenney assets.

Nice puzzle game. Took me a while to figure out where to put what was collected but that's part of the exploration I suppose. Good use of Kenney assets. Nice job.

Fun to play, nice and relaxing. Great job using the assets.

Fun to play, nice and relaxing. Great job using the assets.

Really interesting game. I liked the in-game training. I did find it a bit difficult, but really nice job.

Thanks for giving it a play and for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback and offer on debugging help. I'm guessing you're referring to the map menu, and not the main game play of "level 1" (the castle) that I managed to complete (although not to the extent I wanted). I redid the focus on the map a couple times trying to decide what was best. I left it with everything going up/down in the order they appear on screen vertically leaving the left and right to their defaults. I should've noted on the main map menu the mouse works too. In the main game level 1 that I got completed (the castle) the controls should work as expected. So much more I wanted to do but ran out of time.