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Are you using the itch app?  I don't think it works on that.

It may be something to do with the default screen res - which is 1280x800 if your system allows.  Can you try editing the Data/Options file and changing the FULLSCREEN flag to either 0 (scale-able window) or 2 (normal window).  If an ini file wasn't created let me know via and I'll send you one to try.



First person I know of that's completed all the challenges - well done - some real tough ones in there!

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Nice Video - keep em coming!  Did you complete all the challenges or just go for the cheat to unlock the party games?

 In Hoverball, when someone picks the ball up it's shielded so can't be stolen for a couple of seconds. 

The gray score at the side of the leaderboard score is basically a percentage of the overall points scored which each player got.  Something to separate most of the ties.

Yes. It's a Windows only game and it should work with any controller.  Never got around to including joypad configuration but you can change the accelerate and pause buttons by editing the following fields in the "Data/Options.ini" file .. 

Turning will be with the d-pad or left analog.



This is for a competition where the gameplay had to involve a maze.  I'll be adding plenty of stuff post comp, including multi-player and some additional graphics.

Feedback very welcome.

Version 1.2 now available for download.

Sorry, I don't use unity so this question is better asked on their forums.



The tracks were created using my own simple editor which was written in the same language as the game - Blitz3d.  There are approx 1000 different 3d tiles which are placed on a 9x9 (2 layer) game grid to form the track.  I don't think a video would help.

Great vids, thanks for taking the time to do them - much appreciated!  p.s. My record for Stockland is 11.253 :)

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Thanks for the recording, I know what the issue is and it's a simple fix.   In Zoned Out to determine death a check is made on distance traveled (track sections) between the car and the leading car.   If a car goes through the pit lane it travels for 2 extra track sections so will only die when the zone is 2 track sections ahead.  For Zoned Out I just don't add to distance traveled if a car is in the sections immediately before or after the pit lane building.

I'll get a new build compiled once I've had a chance to revisit the AI.  Thanks again for spotting and more importantly getting a recording of it :)

Looks like you may have found a bug if the CPU is forced to go through the pit lane - cheers.  Will look into this and sort in a future build - may be hard to replicate right enough.

Also, in Monsoon conditions, going through a tornado knocks you off course randomly which explains why you swerved @ 5:25 and why Blue was naff in the cat and mouse.

I get the impression you are no longer challenged by the AI.   You seem to be racing in wet conditions most of the time and I think the AI is probably a little bit too cautious.   I'm sure it can be improved so will look into this also.



Great vid - cheers!  Looks like there is a wee bug in the scores being displayed for 'Snowball' mode.  I'll see about getting that fixed.



When I can make more selling indie game than I make in my day job I'll sort out the editor .... until then :)

p.s. Any exposure is very welcome and much appreciated!

ONJ, I just posted an updated version yesterday which includes the new Kryptonite track pack and a few other enhancements.  The game now stores the top 5 lap times.   The editor isn't user friendly I'm afraid .. maybe some day.

E-mail me at

I've no plans to work on this game again I'm afraid.

I have my own level editor but it would not be worth the effort to incorporate into the game I'm afraid.   I have been building new ones regularly to play with friends so have about 200 tracks now.  I haven't added any of the new ones to the download.  Maybe at some stage in the future if there's enough interest.

Version 1.1 now uploaded.    

Includes 4 new tracks, much improved AI, Jumps and Gates.

Feedback welcome.

Version 1.1 now available for download.  Feedback welcome.

Your money is in the post ;)

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Thanks man.

It was done for a competition.   It won :)

I have been adding some things to it as I didn't have time to add them before the deadline and always like to complete my original vision. Ramps to jump and gates which open and close for short-cuts have now been added to some tracks.  The biggest improvement is with the AI - it now gives you a better race and adapts to your own performance.  I've also added 4 more tracks.  

Some screenshots ..

Hopefully have a new upload over the weekend.  I don't plan on expanding it any further but might do this type of game again in the future.

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Final version uploaded which includes some minor changes:

  • Starting Difficulty based on starting track.  Try the 'Hardest' tracks for more of a challenge.
  • Start position on grid is the reverse order of the last race.
  • Quitting mid race still saves your score.
  • Track markings to show direction for crossroads.
  • Quicker starting beeps.



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Final version uploaded which includes some minor changes:

  • Starting Difficulty based on starting track.  Try the 'Hardest' tracks for more of a challenge.
  • Start position on grid is the reverse order of the last race.
  • Quitting mid race still saves your score.
  • Track markings to show direction for crossroads.
  • Quicker starting beeps



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My entry for the Syntax Bomb Retro Game comp:  Resolution of 320x200 and 16 colours max.  

Will be making a few updates today and tomorrow before deadline.

Feedback most welcome!

Excellent effort !!

Glad you got it sorted.  The Stinger has the missile tubes but as weapons are off for this challenge you can't use them.  Please be sure to post if you get stuck again or if you can complete all 60.  There are a good few tough ones in there. .

Have you tried just downloading and running without the launcher?

It's the '-Z Axis', not the '-2 Axis' which was confusing me! :)

The Z Axis should be the triggers for Xbox pads, where 0 is the default, -1 for right trigger and +1 for left.
So it looks like your right trigger is assumed to be down by default for all 3 pads.  What values did you get for the Z Axis in the PadTest when holding down left and right triggers?

I assume that for your wired controllers the Z Axis defaults to zero on the pad test?  Is that something you can try?

This might be a hardware/driver issue but I'd like to be sure by making a build which gives more more debug info for you to try.  I might be able to work around it.  Off to work right now but I'll get this done later.

In the meantime, assuming that the current setup for Pads 1 & 2 work fine in game (as long as you don't try to reconfigure them), you could copy the following over the top of the Pad3 data.

TURN_L2 = -3001.25
TURN_R2 = 3001.25
THROTTLE2 = -3003.25
BRAKE2 = 3003.25
SPECIAL2 = 3011
ACTION2 = 3012
THRUST_U2 = 3010.25
THRUST_D2 = -3010.25
REAR_VIEW2 = 3014
CHANGE_CAM2 = 3013
PAUSE2 = 3018



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Pad1 and 2 are showing the X Axis for turning and Z Axis for throttle/brake so this doesn't match what you are telling me?  Maybe I didn't make myself clear - can you configure Port3 please (even if all the results are -2 Axis - leave them as that),  go back/back/back and then quit and then give me the settings data for that Pad please?

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The test program checks exactly the same axis' as Polymaniacs does so '-2 Axis' makes no sense.   Your pads seem to be registering as 'Digital' rather than 'Analog'.    Presumably all the Axis' register (default values change) in the PadTest?

Does this '-2 Axis' appear regardless of which Port and action (turn left / special etc... ) you are trying to configure?

Could you do me a favour and paste the all the joypad data from [Data/Config/Settings.ini] so that I can take a look please?


TURN_L2 = -1001.25
TURN_R2 = 1001.25
THROTTLE2 = -1003.25
BRAKE2 = 1003.25
SPECIAL2 = 1018
ACTION2 = 1016
THRUST_U2 = 1002.25
THRUST_D2 = -1002.25
REAR_VIEW2 = 1017
CHANGE_CAM2 = 1011
PAUSE2 = 1019




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You sure it says '-2 Axis'? 

Do the controllers all register on the pad-test program below?  What axis/button are highlighted with values when you press nothing?

Do the wireless controllers work fine with other PC games?

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You are most welcome and thank you for pointing this issue out early!  The individual who I had test the Xbox pads got a earful today at work :)

Yip, the demo 'Party Games'  mode is limited to 2 players, 1 min and no multiple game tournaments.  There's also no access to Timetrial and Sandbox modes in the demo and obviously only the first 10 challenges.

I should really deactivate the Joypad3 and 4 on the Control Setup for the Demo.  It isn't doing any harm so not up there in terms of priorities at the moment.



Excellent!  Thanks again. 

Great - thanks Lord Santa.

If I remember the [Start] button the Xbox360 is Button 7. 

Could you try this and tell me if it registers, what the unpressed value and the pressed value are please?

Please try again, new update uploaded 1 minute ago.


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The old versions have been replaced.  Please download again if you had this issue.

Apologies for this oversight and thank you for your patience.


Should be fixed now.  New versions of Demo and Full Game uploaded.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

Yeah, the issue is that the xb360 has a default of -1 on the Roll Axis so the configuration process always thinks you're pressing it!!  On a Playstaion pad the Roll axis related to the right stick (left/right) and defaults to 0.  I'm working on a fix as we speak so hopefully get new versions uploaded in a few hours.  Please check back :)

Also, I'm certain that the issue you had with the first challenge is related to the fudge you were forced to do on the config.


Could anyone having Pad issues please download, unzip and run the follow.

It would be very helpful if you could confirm the following:

  1. What type of joypad you have?
  2. If the pad is wired or wireless?
  3. If your buttons and analog sticks register when pressed?
  4. The value of any buttons when nothing is pressed.  

Alternatively e-mail me details and a screenshot to

Many thanks


Wired 360 should work just fine.  I assume they both work with other PC games?

So basically, you selected JOYPAD PORT1 and it didn't register any buttons or analog sticks at all?

If you e-mail me on I'll create a quick test program for you?  Won't be until tomorrow though I'm afraid.