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Vehicle combat/racing mashup · By Stevie G

A slightly more in-depth look at Polymaniacs

A topic by Infernal created Mar 18, 2019 Views: 349 Replies: 7
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Finally getting around to showing off this amazing game. I'll be focusing on the 40 minigames and possibly some Sandbox mode shenanigans, if I can come up with any. Here's my first video:

Developer (1 edit)

Nice Video - keep em coming!  Did you complete all the challenges or just go for the cheat to unlock the party games?

 In Hoverball, when someone picks the ball up it's shielded so can't be stolen for a couple of seconds. 

The gray score at the side of the leaderboard score is basically a percentage of the overall points scored which each player got.  Something to separate most of the ties.

Thanks Steven. I actually did beat all of the challenges; I didn't even know there was a cheat to get all of the minigames.

Geez, you know, I actually did know about that Hoverball shield, and it completely slipped my mind in that moment.

That's an interesting way to do a subscore by the way. I like it.


First person I know of that's completed all the challenges - well done - some real tough ones in there!

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Really? I'm actually surprised by that. But yeah, it definitely was no walk in the park. ET Phone Home and Kidnapped left me puzzled for a while, until I found out their surprisingly simple solutions, and I really had to dig deep to beat Oh No UFO, Space Raiders, Against All Odds, Road Warriors, and the challenges involving tagging vehicles. It was quite the wild ride.


Alright, video 2 is finally done!


Wanted to get this out sooner... I always underestimate how long it takes to edit even mere subtitles and get the video exported. Anyway, here's part 3, part 4 will be actually be ready in a couple of hours, since it's currently being exported.


Alright, here they are - the final 10 minigames. Now I have some time to think of something to do for the Sandbox Mode...