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Van Tourisimo - Super Sprint De-make

A topic by Stevie G created Jan 19, 2018 Views: 190 Replies: 3
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My entry for the Syntax Bomb Retro Game comp:  Resolution of 320x200 and 16 colours max.  

Will be making a few updates today and tomorrow before deadline.

Feedback most welcome!


Looks great

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Final version uploaded which includes some minor changes:

  • Starting Difficulty based on starting track.  Try the 'Hardest' tracks for more of a challenge.
  • Start position on grid is the reverse order of the last race.
  • Quitting mid race still saves your score.
  • Track markings to show direction for crossroads.
  • Quicker starting beeps



Version 1.1 now uploaded.    

Includes 4 new tracks, much improved AI, Jumps and Gates.

Feedback welcome.