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I have my own level editor but it would not be worth the effort to incorporate into the game I'm afraid.   I have been building new ones regularly to play with friends so have about 200 tracks now.  I haven't added any of the new ones to the download.  Maybe at some stage in the future if there's enough interest.

Any plans for upgrades - Like super sprint? Nice work on the game btw

I've no plans to work on this game again I'm afraid.

Just downloading Van Turismo aswell. I wanted to ask if you are taking programming work?


E-mail me at

Will do right now

I would love to have more tracks with this...  Shame you don't release the level editor though :(

ONJ, I just posted an updated version yesterday which includes the new Kryptonite track pack and a few other enhancements.  The game now stores the top 5 lap times.   The editor isn't user friendly I'm afraid .. maybe some day.

Well you need to get on that then ;^)  I love all your games BTW.  I need to somehow get you more buyers.  I'll think of something.

When I can make more selling indie game than I make in my day job I'll sort out the editor .... until then :)

p.s. Any exposure is very welcome and much appreciated!

I hear ya, indie games are a real PITA, hard to get noticed....