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Best of luck and looking forward for your submission! :)

Hello everyone!

I have a jam related discord, so if anyone is interested, join here to discuss!

You did a great job! :)

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Cool idea, you did great! It is not that original but I love that you added small sensitivity so it is not like most games of its kind where you need to be really careful and not shake at all. I like it!

I love the graphical style and it is pretty fun!

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Great and unique idea. The graphics don't look that appealing but rather than that it is really fun!

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Because the jam was just featured, I decided to extend the ending period for a few days so new people can join, not being discouraged that it is ending soon!

Happy that you liked it and I totally agree with you! I think that I will continue with the more frustrating route to be honest and expand on that. Because yeah, the normal style is a bit more enjoyable and relaxing, but I feel that it would get boring after a bit and there isn't much that I feel I can expand on while keeping it interesting and fresh. But with the spike parts and similar things like that, I can add so much variety to levels and enemies.

I am planning to check out all the games when the rating begins,  so I am looking forward to test your game too!

Yeah jams are mostly to test new ideas and if they work very well, make them into something better after if you wish :)

Happy that you liked the game! Yeah this is just a basic idea for the jam, I liked it a lot so I am planning to make it into a full game with a lot more variety!

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Ok works, I ran as admin :) Also, found a bug that when you go from below, it just changes one time and then it just keeps increasing the number without changing color. but if you go from left or right it works normally.

How do you start the game on windows? I didn't see any file and in debug I tried to open it and said it was a virus so my antivirus caught it.

I would allow it because it is not the gameplay part. I will add it to the rules so it is easier for people :)

Mouse Movement Jam community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Enjoy this jam and be fair with the creators, making games is hard!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Hello everyone! I have created other games in the past and I just started on, seems pretty cool so far! I was curious about your opinion on my game page, worked hard and tried to make it look as professional as possible.

Thank you!