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Hahaha sorry! Rick :)! 

Thank you for playing Rik, really appreciated!

Thank you for playing! This is absolutely great feedback and we will try to see if we can improve these points in our next update.

Amazing job on making a satisfying shooter in a really short time. The sound effects and bullet shells really add to the game's overall feel. The pickups were also a nice touch and made you feel really powerful. Again, nice work!

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Great puzzle platformer. Nice implementation of all the kenney assets, it really looks nice. The bug/platform enemies were also really cool. Overall a solid game for just 2 days of work.

A nice twist on an old school shoot'em up with a fitting jam themed mechanic. The besides dodging all the incoming lasers, deciding when to turn the enemy ships made the game really intense and much more strategic. I also really liked the sound effects and music. It was nice to see someone else use the Simple Space pack as well. Great job!

Great game! I've seen a few games with a similar concept but this is the most polished by far so amazing work on that. The scaling effect on the UI/Player sprite based on ( I assume ) the player's velocity is great, really sells the effect of speed/momentum. Great job for just 2 days of work.

Lovely game! Nice job with the implementation of the assets, it looks great! The music also fits the game really well. The game gets quite wild fast which I liked, made it quite exciting. Nice job for only 2 days of work.

The moment the music kicked in I knew that I was going to like it haha. Great use of the assets, nice added effects and a lovely style of humour. Great work! 

Amazing game, the polish on this with just 48 hours of work is insane. 

Great work! The game's onboarding/difficulty-curve was great and I loved the fact that I had perks/upgrades to choose from. Visually amazing work as well, the effects and animations really help complete the game. Amazing job for just 2 days of work.

Fun game! Amazing job on the polishing. The highscore mechanic is a nice touch. The camera pan whenever you miss the planet is really well made as well. Great job for just only 2 days of work.


Hilarous concept, visually the game looks stunning, great use of the assets and nice work on the added effects/post-processing. The gameplay is fun and snappy, the audio effects are also a really nice addition. I saw a few images/vids of this come through in the kenney discord so it's really great to see the end result. Great work!

Cool game! The onboarding was nicely done, it really prepared you for the harder level. I also was suprised to see the rock destruction, it added much more impact to the game whenever you hit something. The audio was also nicely done. Great work!

Amazing work! This is probably the best game I've played at this point. The gameplay is really snappy, the onboarding for the levels is great and the extra polishing with effects/post-processing and audio really add to the visuals. Outstanding job making this in 2 days!

Fun game! Nice take/twist on the tower-defense genre with a fitting mechanic for the game jam. The rotating of turrets was very responsive and snappy so great job with that.

Really funny concept, I first thought that I would be throwing sattelites but then I found it was the other way around haha. The insane speed I could throw astronauts was hilarous. Well made, good use of the assets and a great fit for the jam theme. Great job!

Really cool game! I enjoyed the concept/idea of the weapon rotation. The combo counter is a nice addition and the weapons are quite satisfying to use. Great work!

Wow, I didn't expect such a nice and snappy platformer! Levels and onboarding are great, the timing for each level was also really on point. Also the bouncy pads were my favorite haha. Really well made for 2 days, nice work!

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Really nice! Great use of the assets. Also nice job on the pathing of planes, it's was random but predictable at the same time which added to the complexity of the game. I also had a sort of strategy for saving my pickups for when I needed them which also increased complexity since I didn't wanted to hit the medkits too early haha. 

Well done! I could definitely recognize the Asteroids vibes in there. I also liked the fact that I could pick my own ship :D.

Quite enjoyable, sometimes a little tricky but that makes it more rewarding when you finish the level. Well done!

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Great implementation of the theme and assets! It's a very enjoyable game, nicely done.

Nice way of using the packs! Enjoyed the puzzles a lot.

The humor in this game is on point haha. great game!  Really impressive how much dialogue/content was written in such a short time, amazing work :D.


Great game! also really fun dialogue options haha

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Funny and original concept! Really love the fact there is a working scoreboard in the game :D.

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Art was great and the music really soothing! I was really suprised by the amount of polish, well done.

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Awesome game! Really well designed levels and onboarding. Great job!

Fun with friends!