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Very good game! I had fun :D

Very intuitive game! Love it!

Ok, this game is actually too good

Love the sound and the graphics, but my finger hurts!

Actually very cool!

Nice game! Would be better with some music and sound effects!

Nice game! I like how the prefabs and animations are simple, yet the gameplay makes it interesting!

Nice game!

Fun game :D

Very cool assets! Used this for my game jam, thanks! I've credited you :D

Used the dungeon track for my game jam! Thanks :D I've credited you

Cute game haha! Love it

Nice game :D

Nice game!

Very nice game! I wasn't able to get anything done, but I enjoyed the gameplay, graphics and sound.

Just realized there's timer at the top right lol
If that's the case then I believe you don't need health bar :D

Very nice game. A feedback maybe to display health bar for the player? Overall it was nice!

Nice game :D Reminds me of Squid Game's tempered glass game :D

Nice game! I like the graphics and the sound. The gameplay reminds me of the game "Audition Online"

Nice game :D I like the mechanics