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Hey Everyone!

We wanted to let you know that Pit Blocks 3D is finally here - with a launch discount of 20% for a week!

What began as a mini-game in a side project eventually took on a life of its own in this 3D block stacker. Today, we’re proud to present to you our ‘ReMixed’ take on the classic Tetris model - made with love and full of surprises!

Put your skills to the test in this new puzzler! Keep your blocks from piling up by strategically placing them across 5 backgrounds complete with individual storylines and story cards unlockables. With special interactive stages and creatures, and classic tile-based gameplay, Pit Blocks 3D will keep you coming back for more.

We want to thank you for your dedication and support, and we hope you enjoy Pit Blocks 3D!

Thank you, and see you soon!

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Stay tuned for more!

SRM Games

Hi leafo! Pit Blocks 3D has finally been released - with a launch week discount of 20%! I hope you and anyone who plays the game will enjoy it as much as we did making it! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

No problem, will do! Thank you very much for your interest! :)


Hey Everyone!

All of us at SRM Games are proud to announce that Pit Blocks 3D will be releasing soon!

Pit Blocks 3D is our ‘ReMixed’ take on the classic Tetris model. We initially came up with the idea as a simple minigame in a larger release, but Pit Blocks 3D quickly took on a life of its own. Several years later, we’ve nurtured it into a standalone game that we hope will whet the appetites of classic puzzler fans and newcomers alike.

Frantic block-stacking is already exhilarating, but imagine if you were to manage the tetriminos from multiple angles. Pit Blocks 3D takes Tetris to a whole new dimension – literally – by challenging you to stack bricks and clear rows on the x, y, and z-axes!

Right out the gate, you’ll be able to journey through five different campaigns, each with their own environments and stories. In one instance, you might be traveling across the galaxy in search of new planets. In another, you’ll help a group of wizards free an arcane forest from the clutches of a dreadful dragon. Each campaign will pose its own obstacles and hazards, but fret not, puzzler purists: we’ve ensured that the core block-stacking gameplay remains intact.

It’s been a long journey making Pit Blocks 3D, but we wanted to thank everyone for their attention and support. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

SRM Games

Check it out:

That sounds great, thanks!

Studio Name: SRM Games

Name Of Game: Pit Blocks 3D

Quick Bio of Game: Pit Blocks 3D is a cube matching arcade style puzzle game where the player manipulates falling bricks of different shapes and sizes. This is not Tetris! It's Pit Blocks 3D. :)

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: Still in development, 3 months now.

Why you became a game developer in the first place: I always loved games, always tried to make them since I was very young. Now it's time to roll out and go on the bigger stage! I'm also a developer by trade, so development is not a hobby. It's the real thing for me! :)

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Hey Steve, I am Sebastian, an indie dev,

I'm working on my upcoming title Pit Blocks 3D. I have a demo you can play and some trailers you can watch. Can you have a look at the game? I'd appreciate any honest review! I'd like to know what you think. :)

Pit Blocks 3D is a cube matching arcade style puzzle game where the player manipulates falling bricks of different shapes and sizes. This is not Tetris! It's Pit Blocks 3D. :)

Demo here!

Thanks, Steve!