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Jake Vander Ende

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If you haven't seen the end credits, you haven't seen everything

Hi, I'm Jake and I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia! Mostly I've designed board games. When I play games, I like action, RPG, co-op, strategy, and puzzle games and my favorites are Link to the Past and Dark Souls. I'm a game jam veteran, from the local Philly scene to Train Jam, and I'm the host for CoviJam. 

Here are the things I'm available for:

  • Design. I can be a designer on your project or I can be an advisor for your design! I've been doing game design for 6 years, I've mentored on Train Jam, and I've been in the games industry for about a decade. 
  • Writing. I'm good at writing descriptions, flavor text, and especially technical text like tutorials and instruction manuals. I can also proofread and I'm an experienced editor with backgrounds in academia and journalism. 
  • Voice work. Need a voice in your game? I have a soft baritone voice and the microphone setup to record it! I'm best at narration work (see my archived Twitch stream reading from "Norse Mythology") but I can do character work too. 
  • Project management. Never done a jam before? Need help managing timelines and scope?  I'm here to offer guidance to get your project out the door.
  • Playtesting. I've been giving games feedback for quite a while and I'm happy to play yours and help test things! I'm on a 2019 MacBook Pro running OS Catalina 10.15.3 (64-bit compliant only) and I have TestFlight on an iPhone XR and iPad (6th gen, 13.3.1). 

Hey everyone! Post here if you're looking for collaborators. This thread will remain stickied. 

Yomi's Gate - Print & Play

Hi everyone! This is my first post here and my second project. I just overhauled my board game, Yomi's Gate, to be a print & play, converted from its former life as a laser-ready file. I would normally craft every copy of this game myself, but I've stopped producing this one and decided to release it as PWYW P&P so everyone who wanted to give it a try could do so. 

I haven't done too many P&P games before, so I'm interested in feedback. Is it easy to assemble? Is it understandable and legible? Is everything fun in paper form? 

If you're into 2P strategy war games and you like samurai and oni, I would love it if you checked this one out. It was my first game and even though it originally came out almost four years ago it's still near and dear to my heart.