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Yomi's Gate - New Print & Play

A topic by Jake Vander Ende created Mar 06, 2019 Views: 115
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Yomi's Gate - Print & Play

Hi everyone! This is my first post here and my second project. I just overhauled my board game, Yomi's Gate, to be a print & play, converted from its former life as a laser-ready file. I would normally craft every copy of this game myself, but I've stopped producing this one and decided to release it as PWYW P&P so everyone who wanted to give it a try could do so. 

I haven't done too many P&P games before, so I'm interested in feedback. Is it easy to assemble? Is it understandable and legible? Is everything fun in paper form? 

If you're into 2P strategy war games and you like samurai and oni, I would love it if you checked this one out. It was my first game and even though it originally came out almost four years ago it's still near and dear to my heart. 

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