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Hi, I'm Jake and I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia! Mostly I've designed board games. When I play games, I like action, RPG, co-op, strategy, and puzzle games and my favorites are Link to the Past and Dark Souls. I'm a game jam veteran, from the local Philly scene to Train Jam, and I'm the host for CoviJam. 

Here are the things I'm available for:

  • Design. I can be a designer on your project or I can be an advisor for your design! I've been doing game design for 6 years, I've mentored on Train Jam, and I've been in the games industry for about a decade. 
  • Writing. I'm good at writing descriptions, flavor text, and especially technical text like tutorials and instruction manuals. I can also proofread and I'm an experienced editor with backgrounds in academia and journalism. 
  • Voice work. Need a voice in your game? I have a soft baritone voice and the microphone setup to record it! I'm best at narration work (see my archived Twitch stream reading from "Norse Mythology") but I can do character work too. 
  • Project management. Never done a jam before? Need help managing timelines and scope?  I'm here to offer guidance to get your project out the door.
  • Playtesting. I've been giving games feedback for quite a while and I'm happy to play yours and help test things! I'm on a 2019 MacBook Pro running OS Catalina 10.15.3 (64-bit compliant only) and I have TestFlight on an iPhone XR and iPad (6th gen, 13.3.1).