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A game jam to soothe the woes of COVID-19 isolation

March 19th - April 2nd

Theme : Restoration

CoviJam is a game jam running from now (March 19th, 2020) through April 2nd 2020. Many of us are currently isolated or out of work, so this is a jam about connecting, coping, and creating in trying circumstances. Whether you’re just looking to pass the time or you’re slowly getting cabin fever without a creative outlet, there is space for you here. 


  1. You must work with at least one other person. Part of the motivation here is feeling less lonely when we’re physically isolated. You don’t have to do the entire project together, but you have to get at least one other person’s help on at least one part of the game, whether that’s proofreading or programming or even a single track of music. Working with people who’ve never made a game before is strongly encouraged. 
  2. Your collaborator(s) cannot be in the same physical space as you. Whether you are actually isolated or not, I want us all to be able to empathize with those who are. I also don’t want to inadvertently encourage people to get together. 
  3. Your game must be playable in isolation. Single player games are strongly encouraged, but if you make multiplayer it can’t be local multiplayer. Again, I don’t want to encourage people to get together right now. 


  • <span class="s1" <there="" is="" a="" forum="" community="" on="" <a="" href="">There is a forum community here</span> where you can look for collaborators and ask for help. 
  • Use hashtag #CoviJam to talk about the jam and look for collaborators on social media. 
  • If you’re in a Discord or Slack channel for a group that’s had cancelled events, that’s a great place to look for help. There are others who feel just like you do. 
  • There are no rules for or against monetization. If participating and monetizing your project is part of how you’re trying to financially get by, don’t be ashamed to do that. Everybody’s gotta eat.

Good luck and have fun!

Jake (@Spriteborne)

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Even if COVID-19 is around, it doesn't mean that we can't party anymore