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I'd love if you could make more levels for this... For a 12 hour game and even just as a game in general this is amazing. Love the crunchy sound affects btw. Please add more levels :D

I was gonna add an option to adjust the volume but ran out of time but I'm glad you like the voice clips anyway, thanks for the honest review :D

Very impressive game for the time limit, I have seen a few games like this for the jam.. but I have to say this is the one that pulls it off the best, great job!

Thanks! :D

Thanks! I will be sure to take a look :D

Thank you :D

I'm glad you liked it :)

This biz is clean as hell dude, simple but effective, love it :D

Hah, I was hoping people would enjoy that :D 

Thanks for playing :)

I like it :D, would be nice if there were sounds, but overall pretty fun game, played for a good 5-10 mins :)

Pretty fun, played till the end, that sound when you move hurts though, I recommend making the default sound quieter or just edit the sound so its not as sharp. other than that, the game was pretty fun to play through :)

Spelt "Contestant" wrong at the end but aside from that, it was very fun to play. Great job.

Had alot of fun playing this. the interactive menu feels nice although its maybe slightly loud.. other than that, great game :D

I thought it was really enjoyable and the graphics are very nostalgic which I love. I think it would be worth developing the game more.

I kinda just didn't add the core gameplay mechanic haha, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway :D

Thanks for the feedback, hopefully I can do a better job next time :D