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I'm using the latest chrome, if its not gonna work on that then there is no hope. 

doesnt appear to load in browser, just sits on the unity loading screen but the progress bar never goes up

You need to downloade the updated file, then right click the "" and choose "Show Package Contents" then navigate to MacOS folder. There is a terminal file in there that will run. 

Is this a demo? I played through the game but after I made the potion it said I had completed the demo and to exit to the menu. 

Hi, this is a great game! Just one thing though, on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 I get a system box that opens that says "The "lldb" command requires the command line developers tools. Would you like to install the tools now?" with the option to "get Xcode", "not now" and "install" - I choose "not now" but I just wanted to let you know about this. 

Oddly, this doesn't seem to say anywhere what OS this is available for, so for anyone looking for that info, it seems to be Windows Only.

Hi, just letting you know I am getting an error trying to save. I'm on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and when I click save I get an error about there being no save locations. I've put the error in a pastebin:  

I've had the error with another game too, and that dev said its something about the combination of using the, being on a mac and the game code.  Saving works fine when I play outside of the so I'll play that way, but I thought you might want to know about the error. 

Winterlore I community · Created a new topic Feedback

Beautiful game. Loved the artwork! I only got stuck the one time where I didn't realise I could click on the pillow.  My  only complaint (which is not really a complaint) is the lack of windowed mode for the game. Otherwise this was a great game  that ran well on my Mac and there were no technical issues. Looking forward to the next part!   

Just wanted to comment and say what a great game this is. It kind of reminds me of those edge matching puzzle/tile games I used to play as a kid where you had to match each edge of the tile to other tiles.  Maybe edge-matching could be a game mode much later down the track? 

Anyway, I am really enjoying it. The artwork is so pretty too.  I love its simplicity and how challenging it also is. The  only complaints I have (and they aren't really complaints), is that there is no windowed mode, and no save. Its not a big deal though.   

If you are open to game additions, there are train tracks so you really need train stations for an extra type of goal. "Five villages with a train station" for example. :D 

Playing on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (on a late 2015 27" iMac) with no technical issues so far! 

Hi, just letting you know that the game doesn't seem to launch properly through the itch app on Mac. When I click launch, I get the dock icon in my dock, but nothing happens. When I navigate to the game's folder in finder and double click the game icon, the game loads fine. MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

Hi, just a small issue. When I try and launch the game from the itch app I get an error. "Unable to find game!!: /Users/Myname/Library/Application Support/com.yoyogames.test/game.ios"  

If I navigate to the folder in finder and double click the game, it loads fine. 

I'm on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 

Hi, I tried playing this today and I am getting an "uncaught exception" error when I try to save/quick save.  Its something about having no valid save locations. Here's a pastebin of the error:  

I'm running the game through the itch app on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. 

Cute game, I liked all the endings. 

Just as an fyi I had trouble changing the resolution. The mouse cursor kept dissapearing behind the scroll box and I had to guess if the cursor was in the right place. Took a few tries to set the resolution I wanted. 

Ahh, it was just downloading and unzipping. I just tried to test it via the app but using the app I get a different error on launch.  

This error happens every time I try to launch the game. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still get the error when I launch the game. 

10/10 would ship those characters again, their love story was so pure.   

I'm on Mac, there doesn't seem to be a way to Quit the game, especially when in full screen. Hitting ESC does nothing, and there doesn't seem to be a way to pause either. I eventually figured out R exits to the menu, but there is still no way to Quit the game entirely. I had to Alt+Tab out of it, then quit from the dock. Otherwise this was fun, though I did find some of the adjectives weren't obvious which business I should be heading to. Fun trying to figure it out!

I got a similar error when I hit "escape" on the options page.  

and also, it wouldn't let me save. Just beeped at me. (I'm on a Mac too, Mojave 10.14.6)

I have this issue too.  Also on the 10.14.6 Mojave. Hope there is a solution! : )

Ahh, thank you! Much appreciated. 

I'm having trouble upgrading my map room. It wouldn't let me upgrade it. I thought it might have been because it was on the edge and there was a plant nearby but I moved the map room so it was isolated with cells all around it, and I do have the resources, but it still won't let me build it. It just beeps at me. I added an image to show the cells are empty and what it looks like when I try to upgrade.  

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Actually, I just figured it out. For some reason,  aiming isn't working with the mouse, it's fine when I use the ALT key. But pressing Right Click to aim does nothing. I'm not using the Apple Magic Mouse, it's a standard non-apple wired mouse, so it should be working. But isn't.

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I'm getting stuck in the tutorial. The old dude tells me to break the object for bullets but when I do, the controls screen comes up with the right click/left click info and then it gets stuck. It doesn't go away. The only way out of it seems to be to press the "option" key on my Mac keyboard, but then the control screen goes away and I am stuck and cannot move. I still have the wooden bat, there are little yellow objects on the ground, and cannot aim/shoot. Using the mouse buttons just swings the bat around. I have not used any cheats at all, just playing the game normally and following the tutorial. I'm on an iMac OSX 10.12.5 if that helps at all.