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I'm getting stuck in the tutorial. The old dude tells me to break the object for bullets but when I do, the controls screen comes up with the right click/left click info and then it gets stuck. It doesn't go away. The only way out of it seems to be to press the "option" key on my Mac keyboard, but then the control screen goes away and I am stuck and cannot move. I still have the wooden bat, there are little yellow objects on the ground, and cannot aim/shoot. Using the mouse buttons just swings the bat around. I have not used any cheats at all, just playing the game normally and following the tutorial. I'm on an iMac OSX 10.12.5 if that helps at all. 


Sorry this isn't clearer you're supposed to shoot the bottles. You can aim and shoot using Right Click and Left Click or Ctrl and Left Click.

Hope this helps,


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Actually, I just figured it out. For some reason,  aiming isn't working with the mouse, it's fine when I use the ALT key. But pressing Right Click to aim does nothing. I'm not using the Apple Magic Mouse, it's a standard non-apple wired mouse, so it should be working. But isn't.

Hey Spiderkitten,

You are so right. So sorry I am so late with a response I was so busy with the Playstation build and DLC I didn't even notice this simple problem was happening after the update. I assumed it was working. I accidentally set Right Click to R1 instead of L1 which is Aim. I added your username to the credits of the game, along with everyone in the community that has helped out. I'm just fixing and finding bugs untill it is approved by Quality Assurance. If there is anything else you found, please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, Sorry for the delay.