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Spicy Chicken

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I escaped.

good game

Pretty cool! I did find that I was still able to take damage even though I had a shield though.

Hey thanks so much for the playing the game and giving some great feedback! I do agree with your points and I will update the game if ever get around to it. Also you can find the music on my soundcloud.


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've updated the game such that those bullets are more visible now.

Would be nice if you could restart the current level instead of the whole game when you die.

A fun simple game! Though the anti-aliased text doesn't look that good.

It would be helpful if there was a  title screen and the ability to see my health bar.

Nice game! Some background music would have really improved the game.

Cool game! It would have been nice to see a win screen like a cutscene or something interesting happening.

I like the concept, it was fun to play!

Fun game!

The art was really cool! It's a shame the game didn't get finished.

Cool game!

Great job! I really like the blood splatters and the fire animations. It would have been nice if it had some background music and a goal to do.

Cool game! Though it was a bit difficult having to start from the start every time I got caught.

Really nice game! Though it was a bit difficult, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Sometimes I died when changing while on top of a monster. The controls also felt a bit awkward to use.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!


Sure, go ahead!

Thank you!


I do agree the movement should be a bit faster. Thanks for playing

Yeah, I wanted to make a better way of teaching the player the rules, but I didn't have enough time. Thanks for playing!

I love the sound effects! The game did look a little off without any shadows.

Maybe you could make it more clearer which walls you could actually walk on. Other than that, the puzzles were pretty good!

The camera is little funky. It was also a bit annoying when all the zombies fall off the map and there would be no way to restart.

I love the arcade cabinet look of the game. Really cool!

Woah rocks!


Would be could if you could play our game

Nice! It would be much better if there was sounds or something.

This was a bit of fun! I did find it slightly annoying having to wait for the shapes to fall at the start of the game before I could make anything. Sometimes I had to choose between three complex recipes.