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damn you miziziziz for the ending

very effective! my heart raced when I saw the thing at the end, good job!



how do i export textures? i can't find any export buttons, i tried saving the file with a .png or .jpeg but it doesn't work too

thank you! i was originally gonna make a medieval knight game but i scrapped it and i ended up thinking of this idea :D

yeah i think i made it too hard haha :p

haha yes, i didn't have enough time to make an enemy so i decided to just add more ambience and sound effects to the game to make it seem scary :D

thank you!

really great game! love the movement and the visuals

i rushed the game :p

thanks! :D

thanks! also, not really haha, everytime you kill an enemy you get 5 points, no matter where you are, maybe i'll add it! yeah haha i made it too fast, it made it hard for me to test the levels too 


really cool racing game! :D

really cool concept and art! although the character is a bit hard to control and the camera is shaky, overall a pretty great game! :D

i really like the colors! :D

thank you! :D

nice game

thank you!

yeah there are only 6 endings

i am so pissed >:(

the death animations won't play for some reason :/

really cool mechanics! if you can, please continue this

very cool!

i am filled with dread now

beautiful, one of the only games to make me feel genuinely sad :(

really cool!