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There's something wrong with the ocean.
Submitted by Feverdream Johnny (@FeverDevJohnny) — 51 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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This is a great submission! It's clear that this was made with a lot of love, and handles the theme well. The experience of diving deep into an increasingly bizarre and twisted underwater environment is really memorable and something I enjoyed quite a lot. 

You mentioned you were inspired by Frontier Diver. I remember that one; I think this does a similarly good job. You nail the controls and movement and the UI complements the feeling of being in a submersible quite well. 

One strength of this game is using the 'scan' feature, similar to something like Subnautica, to give contextual information. This is really fun and allows for what I like to call 'environmental horror' - the story is completely told from the environment itself! 

Some constructive feedback:

  • Choice of assets is really important; whilst obviously variety is a fixture of good design, trying to make assets thematically consistent or fit a theme can help with the cohesion of the game. The transition of the assets from 'underwater' to 'industrial' to 'patchwork nightmare' sort of worked but it was also a bit confusing. The environment didn't quite aid the understanding of the nature of the anomaly/fetus at the end or provide any insight. For instance, a biological/flesh theme might have worked better. But this is just totally me spitballing about a minor aspect of the game. 

I did a playthrough below: 

This is a great addition to the jam. I think you should be super proud of what you've made.

Thanks for submitting this game to the HPS1 jam!


Wonderful feedback, thanks for playing! Yeah, the environment was definitely a bit chaotically connected! Maybe next time I'll get it figured out!

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I really liked this game, it is kinda short but its creepy and quite mysterious at the end, I like it!

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impressive execution but this premise is kind of hackneyed at this point, a generic cthulhu

entity in the depths, only thing missing was a giant throbbing heart held with chains that you needed to detach.

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

If you were me, what approach do you think you would've taken? I'm not being sarcastic or rhetorical by the way, I'm genuinely curious as to what direction you think could've been more fun. Given the time constraints I tried my best to come up with something that I felt like might work, but it's fairly obvious that the game was rushed.


this is really good, love the underwater atmosphere 


very effective! my heart raced when I saw the thing at the end, good job!