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I absolutely adore the character design! I didn't know who was talking but I realized there is a white outline around the person. I feel like there could be something done to make it more apparent. I like that you can run by holding spacebar. Walking animation doesn't match the speed. Footsteps sound effects are a nice touch. I also like the quiet level in the bubble where you can hear ambient noise instead of music. Controls could be simplified. Is it necessary to have multiple buttons with the same function? The overall pace of the game is slow and the amount of dialog is a lot to go through. I found myself mashing the keys just to skip through the speech. It's easy to get stuck in a cycle of never ending talking by accidentally making someone repeat the same sentence. Love the surprise transformation at the end. 

The character design is very cute. Gameplay is very reminiscent of classic platformers. The environments are very simple but look good in motion when you can really see the 3-D effect. It feels like too much emphasis was put on making that work that there isn't a lot of detail in the background. The controls were a bit awkward because the button placement required my right hand to cross under my left in order to press jump and hit while my left did movement. The flipping effect when changing directions seems to slow down the player movement. Sound effects were a nice touch and it was fun to bash the enemies. The voice acting could be better though. I understand it's for a game jam though but something to consider. On the other hand it is on par with some anime dubs so nevermind.

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Wow very unique game mechanic. The pixel art looks fantastic. Controls feel solid. Very smooth. Challenging and fun. Very highly rated

Wow very unique game mechanic. The pixel art looks fantastic. Controls feel solid. Very smooth. Challenging and fun.

Thank you! I’m working on an update soon. Do you have any feedback?

Thank you so much! I didn’t realize this video existed! I had updated it a bit but stepped away from it for a while. I will add some bosses and more levels in the future for sure. I’m working on another game at the moment. Would you like to try it when i have a playable version ready?

Thank you! 

Thank you this works great!

Thank you! I’m glad you like the style. There are bugs that I’ve been trying to address but I’m also stuck in an endless cycle of working on the same stage and haven’t added more yet but I will. What happened when you went too far? Did you get stuck off screen or did it just not do anything else? The next update has a jumping attack but now I feel bad for the cats

Thank you I appreciate the fair, thorough critique. I'll get to work on addressing these points asap

I appreciate your thoughtful review. I’ll make sure to address these items in the next update. Thank you!

Hi I appreciate the feedback! I agree it needs some work to get it to that metroidvania status. I'll implement your suggestions over the next few updates. Thank you thank you thank you!

This is great advice. I'm happy you like the graphics/audio. In the beginning there was the ability to move up/down as well but I constrained the movement to sideways to keep it simple for me. Lately I've been trying to add jump controls but I have to rethink how to implement it. Maybe I'll try it in the next update.

Thanks for mentioning that. You're able to aim up/down but I'll have to see what I can do to improve that so they're easier to reach

That makes sense. There was another entry that did have a browser version but it was running so slow on my old laptop that I couldn't play it

I love the character design in the cover art. I wish that same style and level of detail was given to the environment as well. I would love to see the view zoomed in with larger sprites rather than such a big world and tiny people. The controls were a little awkward to get used to for me but it works. I could see this shaping up to be something if there were more time for polish.

Love the theme. The music is great. I do like pixel art in general but this could use some work to get the pixels looking consistent with each other. I love the character design in the cover graphic but I wish that look carried over to the game too. Fast paced and highly responsive controls. The scrolling is a nice effect but the world felt empty despite being so colorful. 

Pretty cute characters. Fun music. I love the portal gameplay mechanic. I suck at this game though

Wow the screenshots are beautiful! I'm afraid to download things, is there any hope of publishing a web playable version?

Any chance this could be made playable in the browser?

This is thoroughly addicting! At first I didn't get it but it is so fun I can't believe it. Love the graphics and peaceful sounds. I want to play forever!

Any chance this could be playable in the browser?

Fast fluid motion. The graphics are adorable and animation is silky smooth. I appreciate how fast it feels. At first I was fumbling with the controls but after a while I got used to it. 8-bit for life!

The graphics are very well done. However it was too powerful for my meager laptop to handle which ran everything slow. I didn't get very far. Has there ever been a 3D metroidvania? Could this be it?

Pretty solid game throughout. The graphics are incredible—I could tell from the moment the title page appeared. Responsive controls, fluid animations, great enemies. I can't believe you did this in a week! 

It all came together very seamlessly. The blend of turn-based and visual novel was a nice surprise. Great voice work and illustrations. I do like how there were very detailed illustrations along with the tiny RPG view. If I had a gripe I would say to draw the tiny versions so they look more like their illustrated counterparts. Love the animations too. 

Where did you see it? Glad you joined the jam too! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'll definitely be adding more to this soon.

Yay Godot!! I'm glad you recognized how rough it is. Just whipped this up a week before the deadline and I didn't get to do much since I focused on the art. But I'm excited to keep adding more later.

Hi just a quick question, I can't seem to get the player to float off the screen. Can you please try it again and let me know if it still happens??

I haven't added a new stage yet but gave the cats ability to attack. Can you try it and let me know what you think so far?

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. I will add more to it soon

Thanks for the feedback Nova. I'll definitely be adding more stages so there is no longer the repetition of the same level. More enemies than just that one also.

Thank you 

Thanks Eli I'll try to address those issues you brought up in an update

At least the browser version works

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I just downloaded the Mac version but I get an error when launching—I'm running BigSur on an M1 chip.

Thanks! I will focus on adding more to the game mechanics. There's a lot I want to do here and I'll definitely be expanding more after the jam

I appreciate the feedback. I'm working on more levels but the game  broke along the way so I need to fix things. You're totally right it's not metroidvania but once I started down this path I couldn't go back. Next time I'll make a true metroidvania though

Wow this looks really cool. I love the color and design. I want to play this but I'm on Mac. Any chance this could be playable in the browser ?

Yes I definitely will be adding more levels to this game. I fixed the ghost movement quite a bit but I'll have to wait until the jam ends to upload a new version. There are a lot of bugs right now that need to be addressed