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This looks incredible!

Thanks for the recording. I was sweating bullets watching it.

Good feedback! I'll definitely think about what you said when I update this game

Just watched--thank you for streaming it! I will fix this game so it lives up to the description

I got ahead of myself there. Yes that's two questions in one. Will there be a video game version and will it be playable on the web? I'm glad you're continuing to develop this because it looks awesome and I can only imagine a videogame version would expand on that style.

Beautiful graphics

Nice job on the animations and detailed environment

Reminds me of those old Commodore-64 karate games. I would love to see this pixel art without the scanline filters. One thing I noticed was when I was close to the enemy and pressed attack, it would register a hit before the animation started. 

Great job! Very fun and original. The cover art is hilarious

The sounds are fun and punchy. Love the cover art. Nice quality graphics.

Wow I can tell a lot of work went into this. The design is superb. Any chance of a browser version?

I love the cover art. Any chance of a browser version?

The graphics look incredible. Any chance of a browser version?

The character designs are great. Any chance of a browser version?

Nice animation work and the sounds are great

Not a lot of people talk about the game page itself but I have to mention that it is very beautifully designed. Nice cover art and the controls infographic. Any chance there will be a browser version?

I like how the character's head gets a little bigger when they're walking

Thanks Achie—I appreciate the honest feedback about the music volume. I'll make sure to turn it down in the next update. 

Thank you!!! I want to make more because I have a ton of ideas for this game to add after the jam

I appreciate you testing it on the xbox controller because I don't have one and I forgot to mention there's controller support. I spent so much time on the player controls and animation that I didn't have any time left for enemies and everything else. So excited to hear that you tried my other games too! I will definitely continue to develop this. Thank you so much!

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After reading that I now have the motivation to turn this into a real game. But I hardly have any time. I'm determined to see it through, stay tuned!

Thank you! Yes there are many many ideas that I didn't have time to implement for the jam but I want to add in the very near future.

Yessssss—Thank you!

That Sleepy Head song is so dreamy

Love the music on Duck Run 3D

Pushing Beyond the Theoretical 🔥🔥🔥

I was wondering who made the music?

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I have an idea that could work for this Samurai jam as well as Boss jam. But they overlap and I was wondering if I'm allowed to enter the game for both? Would that be against the rules? Thank you! 

The youtube link is broken but this is beautiful

Looking forward to hearing more of your creations in the future

I had no idea 4.1 couldn't export to web. That's only the C# version?

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Better Game Design Through Cutscenes

Machinima Cutscene Creation

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This game has a lot of things going for it. The graphics are eye catching and vibrant. Very silky smooth animations. Character designs are pretty cool. Background art is a little sparse and could use more attention. The default size is big on my screen and I couldn't resize it to fit my window so a quarter of the game was visually obstructed by my browser limitations. The controls are impressively implemented but clunky to execute with so many keyboard functions in addition to being dependent on mouse to perform actions. I can see this being a lot of fun if controls were simplified. Maybe easier to control with all the functions mapped to a gamepad? The beginning stage feels weirdly identical to another game in this jam--making me wonder if I played an earlier version of this--but this one is far superior and does everything better. Keep up the good work.

I love the fact that the projectiles are random junk objects instead of bullets. Nice spin on the classic Asteroids style gameplay

The artwork from the cover and screenshots made me want to play this. This reminds me of the old Star Wars vector arcade game. Visually mesmerizing graphics are even more in motion, and the music creates such an eerie atmosphere. I feel like I'm lost in this world. Someone should make a movie about this.

Cute cover art. Loads fast. SFX are also cute. The artwork reminds me of early Macintosh graphics. The detail in the characters and outer fence are great but I wish the tree and walls were drawn with same size pixels so it would match. I got the apples! Good job

I like how the gameplay duration is listed. The blinking animation at the start is cute. I like how the screen turns to static. Those cats in the field are great. The character animation getting up is nice. I wish the music was longer because I was going crazy. The music at the credits is extraordinary. The gameplay is simple, straightforward and fits the theme well. The fact that this game is short is kind of a major thing in my eyes because it allows you to realize a completed game structure with a clear start and ending. You finished a game! LOVE the scrolling credits page and the hand drawn type. Going back to the animation, there wasn't a lot and it was very minimal but also very effective. Adding more of those touches could only increase the charm factor. Everything has a cohesive feel to it. Nice work.

Any chance for a web version?

The cover and screenshots are very cute. Perhaps the controls could use some simplification? Nice atmospheric sounds.

Any chance of a web version?