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Ok thanks and very cool game btw.

Can I still get the source code if I bought the game on Steam?

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This pack is amazing!! When I first saw it I though that this is a very expensive pack. You saved me a lot of time working on my game. If you are still open to feedback I’ll just suggest some new animations:

  • Item Pick up
  • Crouch
  • Climbing
  • Sneaking

EDIT: I use Unity and I want to use them in my project so can you please export image frames instead of gifs or give me a tip of how to use your gifs as animations in Unity?

EDIT2: If someone wants to download this awesome pack in 7th April update in png frames instead of gif the link is: (Thanks again pixramen)

You can play my new game Farm Life 2 that is a farming game available on browser.

This is how my game looks like

It's an almost excellent game but it's enough hard

ok bro sorry I didn't know how jams works because that is my first game jam and doesn't worry but at least tell to me if you are like this game or if you will wait the next version?

ok bro sorry I didn't know how jams works because that is my first game jam and doesn't worry but at least tell to me if you are like this game or if you will wait the next version?

I have wrote in the comment online mode doesn't work at this time,sorry for that problem. Just wait until the v2...

yes I do it all on time but I just I didn't know if i must used the theme ok thanks

ok that is a problem because i'm noob and I made a game already that doesn't use the theme. Must to make a new game?

Must to make the game using the theme? Community » » Questions & Support · Created a new topic DLCs

Hello I read the docs api about Sub-product & DLC Redeem URLs and I want to add a DLC on my game named Mouse Adventures but the article doesn't say how to add it. Maybe you know how to do it?

good game

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Oh thanks...