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Ok thanks and very cool game btw.

Can I still get the source code if I bought the game on Steam?

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This pack is amazing!! When I first saw it I though that this is a very expensive pack. You saved me a lot of time working on my game. If you are still open to feedback I’ll just suggest some new animations:

  • Item Pick up
  • Crouch
  • Climbing
  • Sneaking

EDIT: I use Unity and I want to use them in my project so can you please export image frames instead of gifs or give me a tip of how to use your gifs as animations in Unity?

EDIT2: If someone wants to download this awesome pack in 7th April update in png frames instead of gif the link is: (Thanks again pixramen)

You can play my new game Farm Life 2 that is a farming game available on browser.

This is how my game looks like

It's an almost excellent game but it's enough hard

yes I do it all on time but I just I didn't know if i must used the theme ok thanks

ok that is a problem because i'm noob and I made a game already that doesn't use the theme. Must to make a new game?

Must to make the game using the theme? Community » » Questions & Support · Created a new topic DLCs

Hello I read the docs api about Sub-product & DLC Redeem URLs and I want to add a DLC on my game named Mouse Adventures but the article doesn't say how to add it. Maybe you know how to do it?

good game

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Oh thanks...