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This is awesome game!

Very nice themed game! I would like to destroy the snakes, but the mole is not as strong as it seemed to me :0

Very polished! Nice work!

Thumbnail rocks!

I like all atmosphere, that you build up, but  gameplay feels a little bit too slow for beginning.

Wonderful chiptune, urges you to dig down faster! Good game!

27 sec. Nice little game!

Nice puzzle! I, as usual, went through the poke method :)

Spider movement pattern is difficult to perceive imo

Good work! Keep it up mate!

Nice entry! Good potentional here.

I got my a$$ kicked on hard! Cool game, original theme.

Nice puzzle, good job!

I did not immediately understand that the leaves can be rotated, I should have read better "how to play"

Good entry!

Got some vibes of Incryption. I think slow movement was problem for me too, but idea is great overall!

Nes vibes, love it! Great submission, one of the best of this gamejam imo,

Great concept! I did not immediately understand where to press to control the movement, but I figured it out.

I love this style!

The game is intense; the counter makes you nervous!

I found everything and it was cool.

Somewhere I did not go further because there was not enough height for my jump button.

Great release for the jam, keep up the good work!

I had to work as a driver. The ending was unexpected :)

Cool, cool, but the game lacked timing mechanics.

Eh, I need more cards! Great idea, it was fun to play. I liked the orange dude.

I reached 95 km, but the leaderboard did not load.

Great intense game! Before I could swing my pick, stones were already being fired at me. What a nightmare!

I liked it!

Good runner! And yes, I wanted to see lore! (kidding)

Unfortunately, I don't have any vr but looks fun! I launched the client. Everything works, but, as I understand it, monsters cannot hurt you in this version.

Luckily, it only happened once and it didn't happen again. Didn't take a screenshot ☹

Such games are always a struggle for me! Thanks for the difficulty levels :)

Everything worked almost perfectly, cool idea of quick events!

Damn, everything is in 3D! :)

I liked the vibe when I got used to jumping, the relic was stolen (saved?)!

Super submission!

A lot of work! Very good submission, everything is in place!

I immersed myself in the game and went through it to the end, great puzzle! Thank you!

Very clear game, everything is in place! Classic!

Also, I like the design of your submission page!

Nice exploration game! Lighting in your game is very sweet! Also liked narration and overall atmosphere.

Like Romitas first time I stacked in water :)

Reminds me old Game&Watch Nintendo. Very satisfying to play, also it really got good rythm.

It's great that you played! It's enough to warm our hearts.

After the jam, we will try to make some twiks

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

After the jam we will release our project with some improvements :)

Fortunately, we made a vertical slice at min to be able to play something

Wow thats the underground! Cool idea, and i like achievement system too. Very good work!

It's straight up a John Woo action movie. But it's difficult, there are too many enemies, the character does not deal enough damage to destroy them in time.

I like the idea, keep it up!

The time when the monster from Carrion was a good creature.

5 stars for sure

I liked the idea and implementation. Smells like a full release game!

Same here for Windows 11.  Black screen, in firefox, brave, edge.

Great prototype! Idea works pretty well.

Cool music theme and I liked the gameplay too. The parallax effect made my head spin a little.

Outstanding work! Everything is clear, smooth, it's just a pleasure to play.

Cool idea!

At first, I had to adapt to the trajectory of the missiles, but then I brought down a couple of dozen bats.

Loved this submission, keep it up!