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I'm confused, has the crowdfunding for The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow already happened and the Backerkit for it will be opening in May, or is the Backerkit also the crowdfunding campaign?

Howdy! I just tried following this Discord link. It said it's invalid.馃槩 Is the server still active?

Liking it so far! But I just got to the end of page 6 and I'm wondering if there are meant to be 2 Michael Tans.

It's hard for me to justify overseas shipping. Do you (or will you) have any North American distributors for the print version?

If you back on Patreon, there's a patron exclusive Discord server. It's mentioned on the Patreon page.

So cool!

another vote for follow-up(s)

you said it yourself, it doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong with ttrpgs. But there could be. Do you have to look for it? I don't think so, but I think it's probably worthwhile to do the investigating.

Fascism (for example) doesn't exist in isolation. The idea didn't spring fully formed from nothing. While it's fallacious to say that anything overlapping with it is automatically tainted, it's also fallacious to say that it automatically isn't.

Could even do it with one block and rerolls. Should only be a couple times before you only have to reroll once.

Very late to the game, but getting three blocks of 12mm d6s from Chessex will give you 106 dice.

I've searched every term I could think of and looked in what seem like the obvious places to me, but I see nowhere that tells starting level and xp. I assume it's level one with 0 xp. Is that right?

Will you clarify "system neutral"?

In my experience, some people use it to mean neutral to D&D-esque games (e.g. using HD but not more detailed stats), others further distance themselves by using mostly verbal cues but still include things like random tables that assume people have dice associated with specific systems (e.g. if I'm playing GURPS or Shadowrun, I'm not guaranteed to have a d8 or d%), and some are even further removed.

I was reading through this again today and caught a flub (probably). You mention playing a "C flat key". While this technically refers to a key on the piano, nobody calls it that since it's the same thing as a B.

That worked. Thought I checked it already. Sorry to bother you but thanks for the help.

Just looked at my downloads. "Core Rulebook_Pages.pdf" shows me two pages at a time & "Core Rulebook_Spread.pdf" shows me four pages at a time. That doesn't match up with the meaning of "pages" and "spreads" I'm used to.

Good luck with Lutris. I hope it works great for you!

I'm eager to try this game. The new bundle has me buried in so many new games 馃槵

A native version would be nice, but since there's been no response to this an a year, have you considered using something like Wine? I've had some success with it before.

I'm also finding something called Lutris. I haven't tried it out personally, though, so can't say how well it works.


Does this work in Hex Kit?

Agreed! Can't wait to run this!

Peach Trees tower block from Dredd?

Wait, if I go down on the product page, I see the file in the demo section. Huh.

Cool! But I don't see it in my files when I go to The latest file I see is from December.

Thank you. I appreciate this.

Makes me think of this adorable video.

Spooky books?

Will there be a U.S. distributor?

Is there a place to get print versions other than through DriveThruRPG?

Best I could find is watabou's github repository. This isn't there, though, only some other projects.

If you're exporting as json, you can edit the file in a text editor and change the text.

I found it. On the Item Costs page under Armor. Search doesn't work when using the wrong term. :|

In Character Creation, under 2, you say "armor comes with an armor defense value." I can't find a reference anywhere else to "armor defense value." There are four results listed under Starting Gear - Armor, but no numbers associated with them. Where do I find the value?