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Peach Trees tower block from Dredd?

Wait, if I go down on the product page, I see the file in the demo section. Huh.

Cool! But I don't see it in my files when I go to The latest file I see is from December.

Thank you. I appreciate this.

Makes me think of this adorable video.

Spooky books?

Will there be a U.S. distributor?

Is there a place to get print versions other than through DriveThruRPG?

Thank you so much!

I love that you included paper minis! I have a black and white laser printer and neither version of the minis will show up ideally. Will you consider adding a version without the color? I could use them that way more easily or maybe color them in.

And here are some playtest maps from Twitter in March:

Here's a recent update from Twitter:

I like the layout. Content so far looks interesting. Will you be adding info about locations? Any maps or adventure seeds? Maybe a one-shot?

Best I could find is watabou's github repository. This isn't there, though, only some other projects.

If you're exporting as json, you can edit the file in a text editor and change the text.

Found this on Twitter. From Jan. 7.

I found it. On the Item Costs page under Armor. Search doesn't work when using the wrong term. :|

In Character Creation, under 2, you say "armor comes with an armor defense value." I can't find a reference anywhere else to "armor defense value." There are four results listed under Starting Gear - Armor, but no numbers associated with them. Where do I find the value?