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As said in the description of the page, u should stand near a plot and click on it to plant a seed. Tnx anyway

Thanks for the feedback. We didn't complete the carrot so we had to leave it,sorry we should have removed it to avoid confusion. 

Lol. Tnx for playing 

Tnx. To shoo the crows u can just walk to them and they fly away(it's in the description) also u can buy a scarecrow and plant it to prevent the crows from landing in that area


the dialogs were too much, the game ended too soon, and I wanted to search the forest more. it was a cozy game overall

nice game, almost looks like mine, the items info covers the middle of the screen when planting stuff which was a bit annoying, other than that it was relaxing and fun

it was cozy. but why did he slide like it was walking on ice

tnx for playing

hi, thanks for playing, the scarecrow button is on the left side of the screen and its quite easy to notice

nice game but would be better with some blood and visible bullets, also why are the zombies attacking the tree but not the man

Tnx for playing. U gotta die at some point and start again to follow the theme right? 

Lol bloody cactus

how is this following the theme?

good, but why do my axes work like boomerangs? the comeback and hit me

nice. just didn't understand y u have to die first. I thought I have to die every time to progress 

nice art and music. there were a lot of bugs though, enemies flickering trying to flip - the camera didn't center on the player sometimes - player animation had a cooldown but if you press the left mouse rapidly, you lose more stamina.

 it was a good game overall

it was so fun. hard to control. I expected an ending or a cutscene at least but nothing happened after all the effort

I too got stuck at the beginning of that level. fixed by pressing T

I was shocked when I saw my nickname on your game (skr47)

then I was shocked again at how good this game feels, the mechanics and controls are great and the idea is amazing. there was a few bugs like the player got stuck or when I jumped right after I died, the player disappeared, but it was so good that bugs didn't matter.

I think there was a meaning in this game. when u fall nothing happens, the name is after death. maybe it means after death nothing happens

some music would be nice, anyway it was a good game

thank you. 

I will.

thanks for playing. yes I wanted to add attacking high and low but then we had to animate blocking high and low for all the enemies. there wasn't enough time for that. the player health seems a bit low. I will change it and post again

Well the whole thing is a tutorial. The main game hasn't started yet. Will have it added later. 

The idea of the game is like the souls games, u have to go fight the boss, u learn his moves and next time u die and start again, u can defeat him knowing what his next attack is. 

Yes i wanted the game to be hard so you have to die and try again from the beginning to follow the theme

thanks for playing. good points

funny game, but I wished there was less dialogue in the game, and when u die I didn't like to read them again. the dialogue in the fountain was played for me a couple of times repeatedly, with some music and movement improvements would be great. I enjoyed it overall.

loved the idea and those circles. though attacking was a bit hard I didn't know my attack range

loved the idea, movements need some improvements but the game was fun

I'm sorry but I do not call this a game, not sure if this is supposed to happen, there are a lot of bugs in there when u go so fast or out of the bounds, this happens for the gameplay: from what I understood you just got to hold D to run forward, and spam W to kill those enemies. there are a lot of bugs in there when u go so fast or out of the bounds, this happens

also no UI to show health, score story, or anything

the reason I came here was to understand what the theme meant, you said my game isn't following the theme, so I wanted to see what u mean

 still,  I do not see anything close to the theme in here. no death or beginnings? how is it following the theme


it was a bit hard to control the player, like holding the shield up took some time. I liked the idea and the gameplay. nice game.

I don't think so. try death and u can see there is a new beginning

for the combination u mentioned, I tried enemies to have combos, for the player it would be just a different animation with the same function

Appreciate the long review

 I thought a few different hard enemies are better than many similar easy ones , will definitely apply these changes later.


Glad you liked it. 

We could only setup 5 enemies in the given time so we didn't want the game to end quickly. 

Thanks for the tip. Will definitely do that in the future updates.

thank you

I wanted it to be hard to follow the theme. thanks for playing 

loved it. the ability thing was fun, though the game was lagging when I was taking over the king, there were so many people in there I died.

lovely. I enjoyed it all. the gameplay and music and art were all good. got hard quickly.

 the game didn't start after the tutorial, and I was looking for a return button on my keyboard. lol, I didn't know I should press enter.

thanks for playing. the theme is something like dying and starting fresh, like in the Souls series. you die and start over with more XP

will do